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How to pronounce irascible (audio)


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Dictionary definition of irascible

Having a tendency to become easily angered, irritated, or provoked.
"The irascible manager was quick to lash out at his employees."


Detailed meaning of irascible

It implies someone who is prone to displaying anger, or getting easily irritated or annoyed, often over small or insignificant things. Irascible people are often described as quick-tempered, moody, and having a tendency to fly off the handle or lose their temper quickly.

The term also implies that the anger or irritation is not always proportionate to the situation, and may be unprovoked or irrational. It suggests a lack of control over one's emotions and impulsiveness, which can lead to confrontations and conflicts.

Irascibility is often associated with negative traits such as impatience, irritability, and rudeness, and it can lead to social isolation and relationship difficulties. Irascible people can be difficult to get along with and can cause stress and tension for those around them.

Example sentences containing irascible

1. Despite his impressive accomplishments, he had an irascible temperament that made collaboration difficult.
2. The irascible customer stormed out of the store after a minor misunderstanding.
3. Her colleagues learned to tread carefully around her irascible moods.
4. The irascible driver honked angrily at every little delay on the road.
5. The teacher tried to maintain her composure even in the face of irascible students.
6. His irascible outbursts made it challenging to work harmoniously in the office.

History and etymology of irascible

The adjective 'irascible' is derived from the Latin word 'irascibilis,' which itself is a variation of 'iratus,' meaning 'angry' or 'irate.' This Latin term is rooted in 'ira,' which means 'anger.' Therefore, 'irascible' etymologically conveys the idea of having a tendency to become easily angered, irritated, or provoked. It describes a disposition marked by a quick and easily ignited temper. The term 'irascible' highlights the readiness with which someone can be provoked to anger, emphasizing the irritable and easily provoked nature associated with this word.

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Further usage examples of irascible

1. The irascible chef was notorious for yelling at his kitchen staff.
2. The old man had grown increasingly irascible with age, snapping at anyone who approached.
3. The movie portrayed an irascible character who softened over time.
4. The journalist's irascible questioning put the interviewee on edge.
5. The irascible politician's comments caused a stir in the media.
6. Despite his brilliant mind, his irascible behavior alienated many potential collaborators.
7. The author's irascible humor added a unique edge to his writing.
8. The irascible cat hissed at anyone who came too close.
9. The team managed to work together despite their irascible coach's demeanor.
10. The irascible dog barked at the slightest noise outside.
11. The manager's irascible attitude created a tense atmosphere in the workplace.
12. The artist's irascible nature contrasted with the tranquility of his paintings.
13. The restaurant avoided seating customers near the irascible waiter.
14. The character's irascible disposition provided comic relief in the play.



touchy, easy-going, patient, unflappable


Prefix ir-, Suffix -ible, Annoyance and Irritation, Emotional Extremes and Reactions, Disenchantment and Discontent

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