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How to pronounce judicious (audio)

Dictionary definition of judicious

Having or showing good judgement, wisdom, and discretion.
"He made a judicious decision to sell his stock ahead of the crash."

Detailed meaning of judicious

It is often used to describe a person who makes careful and well-informed decisions. A judicious person is someone who weighs up the pros and cons of a situation before making a decision, and who takes into account all relevant factors. They are also able to distinguish between what is important and what is not. In addition, they are also able to make a decision with a clear mind, and not being swayed by emotions or impulsivity. This trait is highly valued in many professional fields, such as law, finance, and politics, where decisions can have significant consequences. In general, judiciousness is seen as a positive trait, and it is often associated with maturity, intelligence, and level-headedness.

Example sentences containing judicious

1. Her judicious advice helped us navigate the complex situation.
2. The judicious use of resources maximized efficiency.
3. A judicious approach is essential in solving this problem.
4. The judicious selection of candidates is crucial for success.
5. His judicious decision-making earned him respect.
6. In negotiations, a judicious compromise is often beneficial.

History and etymology of judicious

The adjective 'judicious' derives its etymological roots from the Latin word 'judiciosus,' which is formed from 'judicium' (meaning 'judgment' or 'discernment'). In its Latin origins, 'judiciosus' conveyed the notion of having sound judgment, wisdom, and discernment. As the word evolved and made its way into Middle English and later into modern English, it retained this sense of having or showing good judgment, wisdom, and discretion. 'Judicious' thus aptly describes individuals or actions characterized by careful consideration and wise decision-making, emphasizing the importance of sound judgment and discernment in various contexts. The etymology of 'judicious' underscores its connection to the concept of judgment and discernment as essential qualities of wise and prudent decision-makers.

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Further usage examples of judicious

1. The manager's judicious guidance improved team performance.
2. She demonstrated a judicious balance of caution and courage.
3. The judicious application of technology streamlined operations.
4. His judicious leadership steered the company to profitability.
5. In legal matters, a judicious attorney can make a difference.
6. They praised her for her judicious handling of the crisis.
7. A judicious investment strategy ensures long-term growth.
8. The judicious allocation of funds led to financial stability.
9. Judicious planning is key to project success.
10. They commended his judicious use of available resources.
11. In a crisis, judicious decision-making is paramount.
12. The judicious use of data improved decision accuracy.
13. Her judicious insights guided policy development.
14. The judicious application of rules promoted fairness.
15. The central bank made a judicious use of interest rates to meet their inflationary targets.
16. His judicious investment strategy resulted in significant returns.
17. She used a judicious approach to managing her budget.
18. He was known for his judicious use of resources.
19. She had a judicious approach to problem-solving.
20. He was praised for his judicious handling of the situation.
21. She had a judicious approach to selecting her team members.
22. He made judicious use of his time to finish the project on time.
23. She had a judicious attitude towards risk-taking.
24. He was judicious in his choice of words when addressing the crowd.
25. She had a judicious approach to dealing with difficult customers.
26. He was judicious in his approach to allocating resources for the project.



wise, imprudent, foolish, reckless


GRE 5 (Graduate Record Examination), Scientific and Methodical, Pinnacle and Perfection, Acumen and Insight, Judgement and Decision-Making

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