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How to pronounce juxtapose (audio)

Dictionary definition of juxtapose

To place two or more things close together or side by side in order to compare or contrast them.
"Critics praised how the film could skillfully juxtapose humor and tragedy."

Detailed meaning of juxtapose

This can be done either literally, such as positioning physical objects together, or figuratively, such as putting together different ideas or concepts. Juxtaposing elements is often used to highlight the differences between them or to draw attention to the similarities. It is a technique often used in literature, art, and design to create interesting or thought-provoking compositions.

Example sentences containing juxtapose

1. The artist chose to juxtapose modern designs with classical sculptures.
2. The exhibit will juxtapose artifacts from different epochs.
3. Photographers often juxtapose contrasting elements to evoke emotion.
4. To understand the difference, one must juxtapose the two techniques.
5. The director decided to juxtapose sorrowful scenes with comedic moments.
6. The mural will juxtapose elements of nature and urban life.

History and etymology of juxtapose

The word 'juxtapose' has a fascinating etymology that sheds light on its meaning. It has its roots in the Latin language, where 'juxta' means 'next to' or 'beside,' and 'ponere' means 'to place' or 'to put.' When combined, 'juxtaposare' in Latin meant 'to place close together' or 'to bring side by side.' Over time, this term evolved into the modern English word 'juxtapose,' which retains its original essence from Latin. Consequently, 'juxtapose' etymologically signifies the act of positioning two or more things closely together or side by side to facilitate comparison or contrast, aligning with its contemporary usage.

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Further usage examples of juxtapose

1. I'd like to juxtapose the original document with its revised version.
2. Chefs can juxtapose flavors to create a unique culinary experience.
3. The debate served to juxtapose two contrasting viewpoints effectively.
4. To reveal disparities, the report will juxtapose current and past data.
5. The gallery decided to juxtapose abstract paintings with realistic portraits.
6. Teachers juxtapose classic literature with modern texts in their curriculum.
7. In his presentation, he would juxtapose old photos with current ones.
8. The song's lyrics juxtapose hope and despair, creating a poignant effect.
9. Let's juxtapose these fabrics to decide which looks best for the curtains.
10. The novel cleverly juxtaposes the protagonist's youth and old age.
11. By juxtaposing the two characters, the play highlights their differences.
12. Designers juxtapose bold colors to make fashion statements.
13. The poem will juxtapose scenes of war with moments of peace.
14. It's fascinating to juxtapose fashion trends from different decades.
15. To bring out the irony, the author juxtaposes the rich and poor lifestyles.
16. Juxtapose these samples under the microscope for a detailed analysis.
17. The magazine spread will juxtapose luxury items with affordable alternatives.
18. To understand the city's evolution, we can juxtapose archival images with current ones.



contrast, merge, blend, combine


GRE 6 (Graduate Record Examination), Analysis and Reasoning, Comparison and Contrast, Opposites and Differences

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