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How to pronounce legitimize (audio)

Dictionary definition of legitimize

To make something lawful, valid, or socially accepted, often by granting it official or formal recognition.
"The new law aims to legitimize the use of medical marijuana for therapeutic purposes."

Detailed meaning of legitimize

When individuals or authorities legitimize something, they provide a legal or moral basis for its existence or practice, thereby conferring legitimacy upon it. This process involves acknowledging and validating the legitimacy, authority, or credibility of a particular action, decision, relationship, or concept. By legitimizing something, individuals or institutions seek to establish its legitimacy within a given context, often with the aim of gaining acceptance, support, or compliance from others. This can involve legalizing previously prohibited activities, recognizing the validity of a certain relationship or marriage, or bestowing official status on an organization or government. The act of legitimizing is a way of conferring legitimacy or approval upon something, providing a foundation for its inclusion, recognition, or endorsement within a particular system, framework, or society.

Example sentences containing legitimize

1. The government seeks to legitimize its authority through democratic processes.
2. The organization aims to legitimize its operations by obtaining proper permits.
3. The court ruling will legitimize the new law.
4. The CEO's signature will legitimize the contract.
5. The committee will legitimize the decisions made during the meeting.
6. The accreditation process will legitimize the institution's degree programs.

History and etymology of legitimize

The verb 'legitimize' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'legitimus,' which means lawful or in accordance with the law. It is formed from 'lex' (law) and the suffix '-timus,' denoting the superlative or highest degree of something. 'Legitimize' thus etymologically signifies the act of making something lawful, valid, or socially accepted, often by granting it official or formal recognition. This word underscores the process of bestowing legitimacy upon actions, relationships, or practices, emphasizing their conformity with established legal or societal norms. Its etymology highlights the significance of recognition and acceptance within the framework of laws and social standards.

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Further usage examples of legitimize

1. The board of directors will legitimize the merger between the two companies.
2. The endorsement from a prominent figure will legitimize the charity's cause.
3. The official certification will legitimize the authenticity of the artwork.
4. The international recognition will legitimize the country's sovereignty.
5. The public vote will legitimize the proposed changes to the constitution.
6. The evidence presented in court will legitimize the prosecution's case.
7. The Supreme Court's ruling will legitimize the controversial policy.
8. The peer review process will legitimize the scientific research.
9. The public referendum will legitimize the decision on the controversial issue.
10. The United Nations' resolution will legitimize the military intervention.
11. The partnership with a renowned brand will legitimize the startup's reputation.
12. The professional accreditation will legitimize the individual's expertise.
13. The official stamp will legitimize the document's authenticity.
14. The public apology will legitimize the company's acknowledgment of wrongdoing.



authorize, discredit, invalidate, delegitimize


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