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Definition of 'limit'

To impose boundaries, restrictions, or constraints on something or someone.
"We need to limit our screen time to prioritize other activities."

Detailed Meaning of 'limit'

When we limit, we set parameters or define the extent to which something can occur, exist, or be utilized. It involves placing a cap or control on a particular aspect or activity in order to regulate or manage it within certain boundaries. Limiting can apply to various contexts, such as time, space, quantity, or behavior. For example, we may limit our spending to stay within a budget, limit the amount of time we spend on a particular task, or limit the number of participants in an event. By setting limits, we establish parameters that help maintain order, ensure fairness, prevent excessive consumption, or optimize efficiency. Limiting can be both proactive, implemented to prevent exceeding predetermined thresholds, and reactive, imposed as a response to observed conditions or circumstances. Ultimately, the act of limiting aims to define and maintain a defined scope or range of possibilities, actions, or outcomes.


Examples of 'limit' in a Sentence

1. The doctor advised him to limit his sugar intake for better health.
2. The conference organizers decided to limit the number of attendees due to space constraints.
3. Please limit your contributions to two minutes during the meeting.
4. The company imposed a limit on the number of vacation days an employee can take in a year.
5. The teacher asked the students to limit their discussion to the assigned topic.
6. The new software update will limit the access privileges of certain user accounts.

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Origins & Etymology of 'limit'

The verb 'limit' has its etymological roots in Latin, specifically in the word 'limitare.' In Latin, 'limitare' meant 'to bound' or 'to set a boundary.' This term was derived from 'limes,' which referred to a path or boundary in ancient Roman times. The concept of delineating boundaries and setting limits was essential for the Roman Empire's administration and defense. Over time, the word 'limit' was incorporated into English, retaining its fundamental meaning of imposing boundaries, restrictions, or constraints on something or someone. Therefore, when we explore the etymology of 'limit,' we discover its origin in the Latin idea of establishing boundaries, reflecting its role in defining and constraining various aspects of life and activities.

How to pronounce limit (audio)


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