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How to pronounce restrict (audio)


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Dictionary definition of restrict

To limit, confine, or impose limitations or regulations on something or someone.
"The government decided to restrict travel from countries with high infection rates."

Detailed meaning of restrict

When we restrict, we establish boundaries or rules that restrict or control the actions, movements, access, or availability of a person, object, or activity. It involves setting constraints or putting in place measures to prevent or regulate certain behaviors, actions, or conditions. For example, governments may restrict certain rights or freedoms in the interest of public safety or security. Companies may restrict access to certain areas or resources to authorized personnel only. Individuals may restrict their diet by avoiding certain foods for health reasons. By imposing restrictions, we aim to manage, regulate, or safeguard specific aspects, often with the intention of maintaining order, ensuring compliance, or preventing undesired outcomes. Restricting can be a means of exercising control, setting boundaries, or maintaining a desired level of security or efficiency in various contexts.

Example sentences containing restrict

1. Parents should restrict the amount of screen time their children have daily.
2. The library has to restrict the number of people who can enter at a time due to renovations.
3. The new law will restrict the sale of tobacco to people over the age of 21.
4. The city council voted to restrict parking on Main Street during peak hours.
5. It's wise to restrict your intake of sugary drinks to maintain good health.
6. The coach will restrict the players' training to light exercises this week due to the upcoming game.

History and etymology of restrict

The verb 'restrict' finds its origins in the Latin word 'restrictus,' which is the past participle of the verb 'restringere.' 'Restrictus' is a combination of 're-' (meaning 'back' or 'again') and 'stringere' (meaning 'to bind' or 'to draw tight'). Therefore, the etymology of 'restrict' shares a common root with 'restrained.' It conveys the idea of binding or drawing tight, but in the context of 'restrict,' it emphasizes the imposition of limits or confinements, as if tightening the boundaries around something or someone. This etymology reflects the core meaning of the verb 'restrict' in contemporary English, which is to limit, confine, or impose limitations or regulations on something or someone.

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Further usage examples of restrict

1. To preserve wildlife, the park authorities restrict access to certain areas during the breeding season.
2. Doctors often restrict patients' activities after surgery to facilitate recovery.
3. The club decided to restrict membership to residents of the local area.
4. The software update will restrict the use of outdated plugins for security reasons.
5. Due to a shortage, the grocery store had to restrict the purchase of bottled water to two per customer.
6. They decided to restrict access to sensitive data.
7. The new law aims to restrict smoking in public areas.
8. The diet plan will restrict your calorie intake.
9. The school may restrict cell phone use during class.
10. The government moved to restrict immigration.
11. The company had to restrict its budget due to losses.
12. They had to restrict the number of attendees at the event.
13. To maintain safety, they restrict access to the construction site.
14. The landlord may restrict pets in the apartment.
15. The software can restrict certain website access.
16. The doctor advised him to restrict his salt intake.
17. The treaty sought to restrict the use of chemical weapons.
18. The rules may restrict how you use the communal spaces.
19. The coach had to restrict the player's playing time.
20. The security measures will restrict unauthorized entry.
21. The government will restrict exports of essential goods.
22. The policy seeks to restrict deforestation in the region.
23. They restrict parking in front of the fire hydrant.
24. The school may restrict dress code violations.
25. The lease agreement may restrict modifications to the property.



limit, allow, permit, free


Boundaries and Limits, Command and Constraint, Discipline and Control

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