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How to pronounce linger (audio)


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Dictionary definition of linger

To stay or remain in a place or situation for an extended period, often beyond what is expected or necessary.
"The memory of her childhood home would always linger in her mind."

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Detailed meaning of linger

It conveys the idea of a prolonged presence or continuation. When someone lingers, they delay their departure or prolong their stay, indicating a reluctance to leave or move on. The verb can also describe a state of being hesitant, undecided, or indecisive about taking action or making a choice. In addition to physical presence, "linger" can also refer to the persistence of a feeling, thought, or memory, suggesting that it remains in one's mind or emotions. Overall, "linger" implies a sense of prolongation, hesitation, or persistence, whether in physical or metaphorical contexts, indicating a delay or reluctance to move forward or let go.

Example sentences containing linger

1. People often linger in this café, enjoying the warm atmosphere.
2. If you linger in the garden, you'll notice the scent of blooming roses.
3. At the party, she will linger near the food table, nibbling on appetizers.
4. We decided to linger at the beach, watching the sunset.
5. Sometimes, I just want to linger in the moment, soaking in every detail.
6. They usually linger after class to ask additional questions.

History and etymology of linger

The verb 'linger' has a fascinating etymology rooted in Old English. It can be traced back to the Old English word 'lingrian,' which meant to dwell, remain, or delay. This Old English term is thought to have originated from the Proto-Germanic word '*langjan,' which shares a common ancestor with the Old High German word 'lengan,' meaning to linger or delay. The essence of 'linger' lies in its association with a prolonged stay or remaining in a place or situation beyond the expected or necessary time, which is deeply connected to its historical roots. This etymology underscores the idea of a slow, deliberate, and extended presence, making it a fitting term to describe such lingering actions.

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Further usage examples of linger

1. Don't just rush through the museum, try to linger and appreciate the art.
2. You should linger on the observation deck to get the best views of the city.
3. We would often linger over coffee, discussing the events of the day.
4. They like to linger in the bookstore, browsing through various genres.
5. If you linger in this town, you'll see its true charm and beauty.
6. She tends to linger in bed on lazy Sunday mornings.
7. Why do you linger in the past when the future holds so much promise?
8. Let us linger here awhile, taking in the peaceful surroundings.
9. In my memories, you always linger in the background, a constant presence.
10. We chose to linger on the balcony, enjoying the cool breeze.
11. They will often linger around the campfire, sharing stories and laughter.
12. He decided to linger in the lobby, hoping to see her again.
13. Despite the hardships, the team chose to linger, unwilling to admit defeat.
14. Whenever we visit the countryside, we linger at our favorite picnic spot, immersing ourselves in the serenity of nature.



remain, depart, leave, exit


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