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How to pronounce delay (audio)


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Dictionary definition of delay

A period of time during which an event, action, or process is postponed, slowed down, or prolonged.
"The flight delay resulted in several passengers missing their connecting flights."


Detailed meaning of delay

It denotes a temporary interruption, pause, or hindrance that causes something to occur later than originally planned or expected. Delays can arise due to various reasons, such as unforeseen circumstances, logistical challenges, technical issues, or intentional actions. They can occur in different contexts, including transportation, projects, events, or even in interpersonal communication. Delays can impact schedules, cause frustration or inconvenience, and may require adjustments to be made to accommodate the new timeframe. Whether it is a flight delay, a delay in a construction project, or a delay in receiving a response, the noun "delay" refers to the state or condition of being held back or slowed down temporarily.

Example sentences containing delay

1. The traffic jam caused a significant delay in my morning commute.
2. There was a delay in the delivery of my package due to unforeseen circumstances.
3. We experienced a delay in the start of the meeting because of technical difficulties.
4. The construction project faced multiple delays due to inclement weather.
5. The company apologized for the delay in responding to customer inquiries.
6. The train delay forced commuters to find alternative transportation.

History and etymology of delay

The noun 'delay' has an etymology that can be traced back to Middle English and Old French. It comes from the Old French word 'delai,' which means 'a delay' or 'a lateness.' This word, in turn, has its roots in the Latin word 'dilatum,' which is the past participle of the verb 'differre.' In Latin, 'dis' means 'apart' or 'away,' and 'ferre' means 'to carry' or 'to bring.' Therefore, the etymology of 'delay' carries the notion of 'carrying away' or 'postponing' an event, action, or process. It accurately describes a period of time during which something is postponed, slowed down, or prolonged, reflecting its historical roots in both Old French and Latin, where it denoted the act of putting something off or carrying it away to a later time.

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Further usage examples of delay

1. The delay in processing the paperwork caused a holdup in the approval process.
2. We encountered a delay in receiving the necessary materials for the project.
3. The long line at the restaurant caused a delay in getting seated.
4. The delay in the release of the movie disappointed many fans.
5. The unexpected delay in the production schedule caused a setback for the company.
6. The unexpected delay caused frustration among commuters.
7. A brief delay in the flight schedule upset passengers.
8. The construction project faced a significant delay due to weather.
9. Traffic congestion on the highway led to a lengthy delay.
10. The software release experienced an unforeseen delay.
11. The train platform was crowded due to a train delay.
12. The delivery was on time, with no delay in shipping.
13. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the delay.
14. The meeting started after a minor delay.
15. A delay in payment affected the company's cash flow.
16. The delay in processing paperwork slowed down the project.
17. Technical issues caused a frustrating delay in the presentation.
18. The delay in medical treatment led to complications.
19. Weather-related delays disrupted travel plans.
20. The factory experienced a production delay.
21. The delay in product launch affected sales projections.
22. Delays in customs clearance held up the shipment.
23. A delay in response from the client impacted the timeline.
24. The delay in resolving the issue created frustration.
25. Unexpected delays can be a challenge in project management.



postponement, promptness, expedition, haste


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