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How to pronounce loyalist (audio)

Dictionary definition of loyalist

An individual who is steadfastly loyal, devoted, and supportive to a person, group, cause, or organization.
"The rebel group faced resistance from the loyalists who remained loyal to the government."

Detailed meaning of loyalist

It typically denotes a person who demonstrates unwavering allegiance and commitment, often in the face of adversity or opposition. A loyalist is someone who remains faithful and dedicated, defending and upholding the values, principles, or beliefs of the person or group they are aligned with. They exhibit a deep sense of loyalty, trust, and devotion, acting in the best interests of the object of their loyalty. Historically, the term 'loyalist' has been used to describe individuals who remained loyal to a ruling monarch or government during times of revolution or political upheaval. However, in contemporary usage, 'loyalist' can apply to anyone who exhibits unwavering loyalty and fidelity, irrespective of the context. Loyalists are often seen as reliable, dependable, and trustworthy individuals who prioritize their allegiance above personal gain or convenience.

Example sentences containing loyalist

1. The loyalist remained steadfast in their support for the political leader.
2. He proudly identified as a loyalist, dedicated to upholding traditional values.
3. The loyalist defended their beliefs with unwavering commitment.
4. She joined the loyalist group, advocating for the preservation of cultural heritage.
5. They were known as loyalists, fiercely loyal to their homeland.
6. The loyalist faction rallied behind their chosen candidate in the election.

History and etymology of loyalist

The noun 'loyalist' has a straightforward etymology rooted in the word 'loyal.' 'Loyal' itself can be traced back to the Old French word 'loial,' which meant 'faithful' or 'true to one's obligations.' The Old French term was derived from the Latin word 'legalis,' which denoted 'pertaining to the law' or 'legal.' Over time, 'loyal' came to signify steadfast devotion and faithfulness, especially in the context of one's allegiance to a person, group, cause, or organization. Therefore, a 'loyalist' is someone who embodies the quality of being loyal, remaining unwaveringly devoted and supportive to their chosen cause, demonstrating allegiance and fidelity even in challenging circumstances.

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Further usage examples of loyalist

1. He faced opposition from the loyalists who disagreed with his policies.
2. She admired the loyalists for their unwavering devotion to their cause.
3. The loyalists stood firm in their loyalty, even in the face of adversity.
4. They formed a loyalist organization, uniting to protect their shared interests.
5. The loyalist movement gained momentum, attracting supporters from all walks of life.
6. He faced criticism from the loyalists for his perceived disloyalty.
7. She stood proudly among the loyalists, ready to defend their beliefs.
8. The loyalists celebrated their shared values and commitment.
9. They honored the sacrifices made by loyalists throughout history.
10. He received recognition for his service as a loyalist soldier.
11. She studied the history of loyalist movements, seeking to understand their motivations.
12. The loyalists remained united in their fight for justice and equality.
13. They organized a gathering of loyalists, aiming to voice their concerns and aspirations.
14. He listened to the voices of the loyalists, understanding the depth of their loyalty and dedication.


supporter, traitor, defector, opponent


Suffix -ist, SAT 10 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Commitment and Responsibility, Followers and Loyalty

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