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How to pronounce lull (audio)

Dictionary definition of lull

A temporary period of calm, quiet, or reduced activity, often following a period of heightened activity or disturbance.
"The lull in the storm allowed the rescue team to reach the stranded hikers."

Detailed meaning of lull

A lull can occur in various situations, such as a lull in a storm where the weather briefly calms down after a period of heavy rain or strong winds, a lull in a conversation when there is a temporary pause or quiet moment, or a lull in market activity when there is a brief decrease in trading. Lulls provide a respite from intensity or noise, allowing for a moment of rest or relaxation before activity or disturbances resume. The term "lull" emphasizes the transient and temporary nature of the calm or quiet interval before returning to a more active state.

Example sentences containing lull

1. The gentle lull of the waves against the shore created a soothing sound.
2. The baby's cries gradually faded into a peaceful lull as she fell asleep.
3. The rain provided a lull in the scorching summer heat.
4. The restaurant experienced a lull in business during the mid-afternoon hours.
5. The repetitive motion of the rocking chair put the baby into a peaceful lull.
6. The soothing music played in the background created a relaxing lull in the atmosphere.

History and etymology of lull

The noun 'lull' has its etymological roots in Middle English and Old Norse. It is believed to be related to the Old Norse word 'lulla,' which means 'to lull' or 'to soothe.' In Middle English, 'lull' referred to a temporary period of calm, quiet, or reduced activity, often following a period of heightened activity or disturbance. It suggests a pause or respite in which things become tranquil and peaceful. 'Lull' is often used in the context of nature, as in the lull in the storm, or in a broader sense, to describe a break in any kind of disturbance or commotion. It conveys the idea of a soothing or calming interlude, allowing for a moment of rest and relaxation amidst the hustle and bustle of life.

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Further usage examples of lull

1. The calm before the storm was a brief lull in the turbulent weather.
2. The performer took a short lull between songs to engage with the audience.
3. The lull in conversation was broken by a burst of laughter from the group.
4. The park was quiet during the lull between the morning and evening rush.
5. The flight experienced a brief lull in turbulence before encountering more rough air.
6. The lull in the traffic allowed pedestrians to cross the street safely.
7. The constant hum of the air conditioner provided a consistent lull in the background.
8. The teacher used a lull in the lesson to answer students' questions.
9. The suspenseful movie had moments of tense lull before building up again.
10. The lull in the storm gave us a chance to take cover and assess the situation.
11. The orchestra's performance had a beautiful lull in the middle, showcasing the soloist.
12. The book's pacing had moments of lull before picking up the momentum.
13. The garden's tranquility provided a welcome lull from the busy city life.
14. The lull in the conversation allowed them to appreciate the serene sunset in silence.



pause, surge, flurry, peak


ACT 12 (American College Testing), High School 13, Atmosphere and Mood

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