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break, continuation, sequence, prolongation


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How to pronounce interlude (audio)


Dictionary definition of interlude

A short interval or period of time between two main events, actions, or parts of something, often serving as a break or interruption in the flow.
"The interlude gave us a much-needed break from the tension of the play."

Detailed meaning of interlude

It can also denote a brief, usually entertaining, performance or piece of music inserted between acts of a longer performance or as a transitional element in a larger work. Interludes are commonly used in various forms of art and entertainment, such as theater, literature, music, and even in everyday conversation. They provide moments of pause, reflection, or diversion, helping to pace and enhance the overall experience. In a broader sense, "interlude" can describe any temporary deviation or pause in a sequence of events or activities, allowing for a change in focus or mood before returning to the main narrative or action.

Example sentences containing interlude

1. The audience applauded the interlude between acts.
2. The interlude was a beautiful solo on the violin.
3. I used the interlude to take a bathroom break and get a snack.
4. The interlude provided a chance for the actors to change costumes and sets.
5. The interlude lasted only five minutes, but it felt much longer.
6. The interlude music was so soothing and relaxing.

History and etymology of interlude

The noun 'interlude' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is formed from the Latin words 'inter,' meaning 'between,' and 'ludus,' meaning 'a play' or 'a game.' In its original sense, 'interlude' referred to a short theatrical performance or entertainment that took place between the acts of a longer play or drama. Over time, the term broadened in meaning to describe any short interval or period of time between two main events, actions, or parts of something, often serving as a break or interruption in the flow. Therefore, the etymology of 'interlude' underscores its connection to the idea of something occurring between, providing a pause or diversion in a larger context, as reflected in its linguistic heritage.

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Further usage examples of interlude

1. During the interlude, the ushers handed out surveys about the performance.
2. The interlude was a perfect opportunity to chat with my theater companion.
3. The interlude allowed the stage crew to adjust the lighting and sound.
4. I wish the interlude had lasted longer, as I was enjoying the play so much.
5. The interlude was a welcome distraction from the stress of everyday life.
6. The peaceful interlude between storms allowed residents to assess the damage.
7. The interlude of silence after the music ended was poignant.
8. Their coffee breaks served as a welcome interlude during long meetings.
9. The interlude between acts gave the audience time to reflect on the play.
10. The interlude in their conversation allowed for a moment of introspection.
11. The interlude between courses at the banquet provided a chance to socialize.
12. Nature's interlude of calm followed the intense thunderstorm.
13. The interlude of laughter lightened the mood in the room.
14. The interlude of quiet in the bustling city park was a rare treat.
15. The interlude in the movie's action allowed for character development.
16. An interlude of relaxation by the fireplace was a highlight of the vacation.
17. The interlude between songs showcased the musician's storytelling.
18. During the interlude, he shared anecdotes about his travels.
19. The interlude of twilight painted the sky in shades of purple and gold.
20. Their interlude by the campfire was filled with shared stories.
21. The interlude between chapters allowed readers to catch their breath.
22. The interlude of meditation brought a sense of peace and clarity.
23. The interlude of childhood innocence was fleeting but unforgettable.
24. The interlude in the conversation provided a chance to change the topic.
25. The interlude of solitude in the forest was a retreat from daily life.

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