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How to pronounce machismo (audio)


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Dictionary definition of machismo

A set behaviors traditionally associated with masculinity, often characterized by an exaggerated display of male strength, dominance, or virility.
"The athlete's machismo and brash personality made him a polarizing figure in the sport."

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Detailed meaning of machismo

It can manifest as an emphasis on toughness, assertiveness, and control in men, sometimes at the expense of sensitivity, vulnerability, or empathy. Machismo can also be linked to traditional gender roles and expectations, where men are expected to conform to certain stereotypes of manhood. While not inherently negative, machismo can lead to harmful behaviors and attitudes, such as aggression, sexism, or the suppression of emotions. In recent times, there has been a growing awareness of the need to challenge and redefine traditional notions of masculinity and address the negative consequences associated with extreme forms of machismo, promoting healthier and more balanced expressions of gender identity.

Example sentences containing machismo

1. Senior cabinet ministers were sent to flex their political machismo.
2. Gyms are testosterone-fuelled spectacles of machismo.
3. Now is not the time for personal displays of machismo.
4. They sent a senior military officer to flex their machismo.
5. The aircraft carrier was sent to flex their naval machismo.
6. The athlete was known for his machismo and his competitive spirit on the field.

History and etymology of machismo

The noun 'machismo' has its etymological origins in Spanish. It is derived from the Spanish word 'macho,' which means 'male' or 'manly.' 'Machismo' refers to a set of behaviors and attitudes traditionally associated with masculinity, often characterized by an exaggerated display of male strength, dominance, or virility. It implies a cultural or societal emphasis on traditional male roles and attributes. 'Machismo' is frequently used to describe attitudes or behaviors that reflect an excessive or aggressive form of masculinity, sometimes leading to negative consequences such as the subjugation of women or the perpetuation of harmful gender stereotypes. Therefore, the etymology of 'machismo' underscores its connection to the Spanish word for 'male' and highlights its role in describing aspects of traditional masculinity, including both its positive and negative manifestations, as conveyed by its linguistic heritage.

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Further usage examples of machismo

1. The actor's machismo and rugged good looks made him a popular leading man in action movies.
2. The politician's machismo and aggressive style often resulted in heated debates and confrontations.
3. The singer's machismo and swagger were part of his appeal to fans.
4. The machismo and traditional gender roles depicted in the movie were widely criticized by feminists.
5. The musician's machismo and rebellious image were part of his appeal to fans.
6. The actor's machismo and tough-guy persona were often exploited in his action movie roles.
7. The politician's machismo and aggressive style earned him a reputation as a tough negotiator.
8. The machismo and traditional gender roles depicted in the novel were seen as outdated by many readers.
9. The athlete's machismo and confidence made him a formidable opponent on the field.
10. The singer's machismo and bad-boy image were part of his appeal to fans.
11. Machismo's impact on society is complex and multifaceted.
12. Many men feel pressure to conform to traditional machismo ideals.
13. Breaking free from machismo requires self-awareness and introspection.
14. Machismo can lead to harmful behaviors and attitudes.
15. The media often perpetuates stereotypes associated with machismo.
16. Machismo can hinder emotional intimacy in relationships.
17. Educating young boys about healthy masculinity is key to combating machismo.
18. Traditional machismo views are being challenged by progressive movements.
19. The negative effects of machismo are evident in various social contexts.
20. Overcoming machismo requires a shift in societal norms.
21. Machismo can be a barrier to men seeking help for mental health issues.
22. Encouraging open conversations about masculinity can break down machismo.
23. Women can also be affected by the expectations of machismo.
24. Breaking free from machismo can lead to personal growth and self-discovery.
25. Some men actively work to reject machismo and promote equality.
26. The harmful consequences of machismo extend beyond individuals.
27. Embracing vulnerability is an antidote to toxic machismo.
28. Machismo's influence varies across different cultural settings.
29. Addressing machismo is an important aspect of gender equity.
30. Challenging machismo is a collective effort that benefits society as a whole.



bravado, gentleness, meekness, humility


GRE 6 (Graduate Record Examination), SAT 1 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Exaggeration and Grandiosity

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