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How to pronounce materialistic (audio)


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Dictionary definition of materialistic

Placing excessive value on material possessions, wealth, and worldly possessions.
"The materialistic teenager constantly sought the latest designer brands to enhance their image."

Detailed meaning of materialistic

It is characterized by a strong desire for acquiring and owning material things, often equating them with happiness, status, or personal worth. A materialistic person tends to prioritize the accumulation of material goods and wealth above other aspects of life, such as relationships, experiences, or personal growth. They may perceive possessions as a measure of success and constantly seek out new acquisitions to fill a perceived void or satisfy their desires. Materialistic individuals may prioritize external appearances, social status, and consumerism, often associating the possession of luxury items with self-worth or superiority. This emphasis on material wealth can potentially lead to a shallow and unfulfilling lifestyle, as it neglects the deeper and more meaningful aspects of life beyond material possessions.

Example sentences containing materialistic

1. Her materialistic lifestyle revolves around luxury brands and expensive cars.
2. Some argue that our society has become increasingly materialistic.
3. Living a materialistic life often leads to shallow relationships.
4. His materialistic desires overshadow his spiritual pursuits.
5. Materialistic values can lead to dissatisfaction and emptiness.
6. The pursuit of materialistic gain can compromise one's ethics.

History and etymology of materialistic

The adjective 'materialistic' finds its etymological roots in the term 'materialism,' which originated in the early 18th century. It stems from the Latin word 'materia,' meaning 'matter' or 'substance,' and the suffix '-ism,' which denotes a belief or doctrine. The concept of materialism centers on the belief that the physical world and material possessions are the primary or only reality, downplaying or negating the significance of spiritual or immaterial aspects of life. Thus, 'materialistic' emerged as a descriptor for individuals who prioritize and excessively value material possessions, wealth, and worldly goods over intangible or spiritual matters, reflecting the emphasis on the material world inherent in its etymology.

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Further usage examples of materialistic

1. She's often criticized for her materialistic and selfish behavior.
2. The media promotes a materialistic culture that emphasizes wealth.
3. Materialistic goals can hinder personal growth and happiness.
4. In his materialistic pursuit, he's lost touch with his true self.
5. The allure of materialistic success can blind one to deeper values.
6. Many people find themselves trapped in a materialistic mindset.
7. Materialistic individuals often measure success by possessions.
8. A materialistic outlook can strain family relationships.
9. The quest for materialistic gain can lead to stress and anxiety.
10. Materialistic ambitions may come at the expense of personal well-being.
11. His materialistic tendencies drive him to constantly seek more.
12. Some argue that consumerism fuels a materialistic society.
13. Materialistic ideals can perpetuate inequality and greed.
14. They prioritize their materialistic aspirations over everything else.
15. John's materialistic mindset drove him to work long hours solely to accumulate wealth.
16. The materialistic couple judged others based on their possessions rather than their character.
17. Sarah's materialistic tendencies led her to prioritize money over spending quality time with loved ones.
18. The materialistic society we live in encourages excessive consumption and the pursuit of luxury goods.
19. Mark's materialistic desires caused him to constantly compare himself to others and feel dissatisfied.
20. The materialistic culture glorifies conspicuous consumption, leaving little room for true fulfillment.
21. Jane's materialistic nature overshadowed her ability to appreciate the simple joys in life.
22. The materialistic friend was always seeking validation through the acquisition of expensive items.
23. The materialistic mindset perpetuates the idea that happiness can be bought and measured by possessions.
24. Emily's materialistic values clashed with her environmentally conscious friends who valued sustainability over consumerism.
25. The materialistic outlook often leads to a never-ending cycle of seeking more, never finding true contentment.



worldly, spiritual, ascetic, unmaterialistic


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