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mesmerize, bore, repel, disenchant


Prefix en-, Attraction and Allure, Charm and Charisma, Entertainment and Performance



How to pronounce enthrall (audio)


Dictionary definition of enthrall

To captivate, charm, or enchant someone deeply, often to the point of being completely absorbed or engrossed by something.
"The brilliant colors and patterns of the coral reef enthrall divers from around the world."

Detailed meaning of enthrall

When someone or something enthralls another person, they hold their attention, interest, or fascination in a compelling and captivating manner. It implies the ability to captivate and mesmerize through a combination of charm, charisma, or the sheer power of attraction. Whether it is a captivating story, an enthralling performance, or a mesmerizing piece of art, to enthrall is to create an intense and immersive experience that engrosses and holds the attention of the audience or individual. It often involves creating a sense of wonder, excitement, or emotional connection that leaves a lasting impression and keeps the person engaged, absorbed, and deeply interested.

Example sentences containing enthrall

1. The magician’s performance will enthrall the audience with its stunning illusions.
2. The fascinating tales from the ancient book enthrall her every time she reads it.
3. His gift to enthrall listeners with his words made him a sought-after speaker.
4. The young musician’s virtuosity and flair enthrall audiences wherever he performs.
5. The rich history and culture of the city enthrall tourists throughout the year.
6. Her incredible voice can enthrall even the most discerning of music critics.

History and etymology of enthrall

The verb 'enthrall' has its etymological roots in the Middle English word 'enthrallen,' which was derived from the Old English word 'þrǣllan.' The Old English term 'þrǣllan' meant 'to enslave' or 'to subjugate,' and it was linked to 'þrǣl,' which referred to a 'slave' or 'bondservant.' This etymology conveys the notion of captivating or charming someone to the extent that they are metaphorically enslaved or held in deep fascination. Over time, 'enthrall' has come to represent the act of captivating, charming, or enchanting someone deeply, often to the point where they are completely absorbed or engrossed by something, much like the way one might be enthralled by a captivating story or mesmerized by a captivating performance.

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Further usage examples of enthrall

1. The new space-themed exhibit will enthrall children and adults alike with its interactive features.
2. The football match is expected to enthrall fans with its high-octane action.
3. The natural beauty of the national park continues to enthrall generations of nature lovers.
4. The brilliant storytelling in the film is sure to enthrall the audience.
5. The fireworks display, with its dazzling array of colors, will enthrall everyone at the festival.
6. The mesmerizing performance seemed to enthrall the entire audience.
7. The mysterious novel had the power to enthrall readers for hours.
8. His storytelling skills never failed to enthrall children at bedtime.
9. The breathtaking scenery of the mountains never failed to enthrall her.
10. The charismatic speaker had the ability to enthrall any crowd.
11. The music's beauty can enthrall even the most jaded listeners.
12. The intricate details of the painting seemed to enthrall art enthusiasts.
13. Her eloquent speech had the power to enthrall the entire room.
14. The magical world of fantasy books can enthrall young imaginations.
15. The enigmatic dance performance had the audience utterly enthralled.
16. The historical documentary sought to enthrall viewers with the past.
17. The suspenseful plot of the movie enthralls viewers from start to finish.
18. The intricate plot twists in the novel continued to enthrall readers.
19. The vibrant colors of the sunset never failed to enthrall onlookers.
20. The chef's culinary creations never ceased to enthrall diners.
21. The enchanting melody of the song had the power to enthrall hearts.
22. The magical world of Harry Potter books enthralls readers worldwide.
23. The majestic architecture of the cathedral never failed to enthrall.
24. The historical documentary aimed to enthrall viewers with the past.
25. The wildlife documentary sought to enthrall viewers with nature's wonders.

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