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How to pronounce meteoric (audio)

Dictionary definition of meteoric

Happening very quickly, often with great success or intensity, like a meteor blazing through the sky.
"Her meteoric rise to fame took everyone by surprise."

Detailed meaning of meteoric

It can be used to describe sudden and rapid changes in fortune, such as a meteoric rise to fame or success in a particular field. The term meteoric is also commonly used to describe events or actions that happen with great speed or urgency, often leaving a lasting impact. For example, a company might experience a meteoric rise in profits or a political candidate might enjoy a meteoric surge in popularity. Overall, the term meteoric connotes a sense of rapid and dramatic change, often accompanied by a sense of awe or surprise.

Example sentences containing meteoric

1. The young actress's rise to stardom was meteoric, with her landing lead roles in major films.
2. The startup company experienced meteoric growth, becoming a billion-dollar enterprise within a year.
3. The athlete's career had a meteoric trajectory, winning multiple championships in a short span of time.
4. The singer's meteoric debut album shot to the top of the charts within days of its release.
5. The meteoric rise of social media platforms has revolutionized the way people communicate.
6. The scientist made a meteoric breakthrough in the field of quantum physics, earning international acclaim.

History and etymology of meteoric

The adjective 'meteoric' draws its etymological inspiration from the word 'meteor,' which has its roots in Greek. 'Meteor' comes from the Greek word 'meteoron,' which means 'something high up' or 'a phenomenon in the sky.' In the context of 'meteoric,' it signifies something happening very quickly, often with great success or intensity, much like a meteor blazing through the sky in a brilliant and fleeting display. 'Meteoric' is commonly used to describe the rapid rise or success of someone or something, emphasizing the swiftness and intensity of the ascent, much like the appearance and disappearance of a meteor streaking through the heavens. Its etymology reflects the link to celestial phenomena and the idea of a swift, dazzling trajectory.

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Further usage examples of meteoric

1. The stock market saw meteoric gains as investors rushed to buy shares in the promising tech company.
2. The team's meteoric comeback in the final quarter led them to victory in the championship game.
3. The actor's meteoric performance in the play earned him critical acclaim and numerous awards.
4. The young prodigy's meteoric intelligence allowed him to skip several grades in school.
5. The fashion designer's meteoric fashion line became an overnight sensation, adorning red carpets worldwide.
6. The novel's meteoric success led to a film adaptation being greenlit within months.
7. The city's skyline underwent a meteoric transformation with the construction of towering skyscrapers.
8. The politician's meteoric rise to power surprised many, as he went from a local representative to a national leader in a short time.
9. The entrepreneur's meteoric success inspired others to take risks and pursue their dreams.
10. The singer's meteoric voice captivated the audience, leaving them in awe.
11. The tech industry witnessed meteoric advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics.
12. The football player's meteoric speed made him a formidable opponent on the field.
13. The author's meteoric writing style kept readers hooked from the first page to the last.
14. The dancer's meteoric talent earned her a scholarship to a prestigious ballet academy.
15. The company's meteoric growth attracted investors from all over the world.
16. The athlete's meteoric performance broke records and inspired others.
17. The stock's meteoric rise was fueled by strong earnings reports.
18. The musician's meteoric success was built on a foundation of hard work and talent.
19. The country's meteoric economic growth was driven by innovation and investment.
20. The politician's meteoric rise to power was aided by popular speeches and charisma.
21. The scientist's meteoric discovery revolutionized the field of physics.
22. The startup's meteoric valuation was based on its potential for future growth.
23. The artist's meteoric career was marked by bold and imaginative works.
24. The athlete's meteoric speed and agility set him apart from others.
25. The scientist's meteoric progress in developing a cure for cancer was eagerly watched.



rapid, slow, gradual, sluggish


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