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assortment, uniformity, sameness, homogeneity


Prefix mis-, ACT 12 (American College Testing), Variety and Diversity, Collections and Accumulation



How to pronounce miscellany (audio)


Dictionary definition of miscellany

A collection or mixture of various diverse or unrelated things, often presented together in a single work or publication.
"The box contained a delightful miscellany of handwritten letters, postcards, and photographs."

Detailed meaning of miscellany

It represents a compilation or assortment of different items, topics, or materials that do not necessarily have a specific theme or connection. A miscellany can include a range of subjects such as essays, stories, poems, articles, illustrations, or even random facts and anecdotes. It offers a combination of various elements, creating a diverse and eclectic mix that appeals to a wide range of interests. Miscellanies can be found in literature, magazines, anthologies, or even in digital formats, providing readers with an assortment of content and perspectives. They offer a delightful exploration of different ideas, perspectives, or forms of expression, providing readers with a diverse and enriching experience. The charm of a miscellany lies in its ability to surprise, entertain, and educate through the presentation of an assortment of diverse and engaging material.

Example sentences containing miscellany

1. The book is a delightful miscellany of short stories, poems, and essays.
2. The museum exhibit showcased a miscellany of artworks from different periods and styles.
3. The magazine's latest issue features a miscellany of articles on travel, fashion, and food.
4. She enjoyed browsing through the miscellany of trinkets and curiosities at the flea market.
5. The website offers a miscellany of recipes, DIY projects, and lifestyle tips.
6. The radio show presented a miscellany of music genres, from classical to jazz to rock.

History and etymology of miscellany

The noun 'miscellany' has an etymology rooted in the Latin language. It is derived from the Latin word 'miscellanea,' which itself is a plural form of 'miscellaneum.' 'Miscellaneum' is a combination of 'miscere,' meaning 'to mix,' and the suffix '-aneum,' which denotes a place or container for something. So, etymologically, 'miscellany' reflects the idea of a mixed or diverse collection of various unrelated things, often presented together in a single work or publication. This historical connection to Latin underscores the concept of blending or combining different elements into one cohesive whole, which is the essence of a miscellany.

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Further usage examples of miscellany

1. The anthology is a wonderful miscellany of writings from various authors and genres.
2. The shop specializes in selling a miscellany of vintage clothing, accessories, and home decor.
3. The art exhibition displayed a miscellany of sculptures, paintings, and installations.
4. The professor's lecture covered a miscellany of topics related to literature and cultural history.
5. The magazine is known for its miscellany of crossword puzzles, brain teasers, and quizzes.
6. The bookshop displayed a captivating miscellany of rare books.
7. Her art studio was filled with a colorful miscellany of supplies.
8. The magazine featured a delightful miscellany of articles.
9. The museum showcased a historical miscellany of artifacts.
10. The antique store had a fascinating miscellany of curios.
11. He enjoyed browsing through the store's miscellany of gadgets.
12. The buffet offered a mouthwatering miscellany of dishes.
13. The library's basement contained a hidden miscellany of treasures.
14. The journal published a thought-provoking miscellany of essays.
15. The garden was a beautiful miscellany of flowers and shrubs.
16. Her portfolio was a diverse miscellany of artistic styles.
17. The exhibition featured an eclectic miscellany of contemporary art.
18. The conference covered a wide-ranging miscellany of topics.
19. The gift shop had a charming miscellany of souvenirs.
20. The website provided a helpful miscellany of resources.
21. His collection was a unique miscellany of vintage records.
22. The auction included a valuable miscellany of collectibles.
23. The bookshelf held a random miscellany of novels.
24. The album was a musical miscellany of different genres.
25. The menu offered a tantalizing miscellany of international cuisines.

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