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How to pronounce potpourri (audio)

Dictionary definition of potpourri

A mixture or collection of diverse elements, often used in reference to a blend of various fragrant substances.
"The concert was a potpourri of classical, jazz, and contemporary music."

Detailed meaning of potpourri

It commonly describes a combination of dried flowers, herbs, spices, or other aromatic materials that are mixed together to create a pleasant and fragrant aroma. Potpourri is often displayed in decorative bowls or sachets, filling the surrounding area with a pleasing scent. Beyond its olfactory connotation, "potpourri" can also describe a varied assortment or medley of different things, such as a collection of literary works, musical compositions, or diverse ideas. In this sense, it represents a compilation or mixture of disparate elements, bringing together different flavors, scents, or concepts to create a rich and diverse whole. Potpourri is appreciated for its ability to create a harmonious blend out of distinct components, adding beauty, variety, and complexity to the overall experience.

Example sentences containing potpourri

1. The potpourri in her living room filled the air with a delightful fragrance.
2. The potpourri consisted of a mixture of dried lavender, rose petals, and citrus peels.
3. She placed a bowl of potpourri on the table to freshen up the room.
4. The potpourri sachets in her closet kept her clothes smelling lovely.
5. The potpourri blend of spices and herbs created a warm and inviting atmosphere in the kitchen.
6. The gift basket included a variety of potpourri scents, perfect for relaxation.

History and etymology of potpourri

The noun 'potpourri' has an intriguing etymological history that reflects its diverse and eclectic nature. It originates from the French language, where 'pot' means 'pot' or 'container,' and 'pourri' is the past participle of the verb 'pourrir,' which means 'to rot' or 'to decompose.' In its earliest usage, 'potpourri' referred to a mixture of dried flowers, herbs, and spices that were placed in a pot or container to emit pleasant fragrances. The concept behind 'potpourri' lies in combining various elements to create a harmonious blend of scents. Over time, the term expanded in meaning to encompass any collection of diverse elements, not just limited to fragrances. Therefore, the etymology of 'potpourri' highlights its origins as a mixture of aromatic components in a pot, eventually evolving into a metaphor for a diverse and eclectic collection of elements.

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Further usage examples of potpourri

1. The potpourri jar added a touch of elegance to the bathroom decor.
2. She enjoyed creating her own unique potpourri blends using her favorite flowers and spices.
3. The potpourri sachet was placed in the drawer to keep clothes smelling fresh.
4. The potpourri mixture of cinnamon and apples evoked memories of autumn.
5. The potpourri of ideas discussed during the meeting led to innovative solutions.
6. The literary magazine featured a potpourri of short stories, poems, and essays.
7. The art exhibition showcased a potpourri of different artistic styles and mediums.
8. The museum displayed a potpourri of artifacts from various historical periods.
9. The room was filled with the delightful scent of potpourri.
10. Her wardrobe was a potpourri of colors and styles.
11. The event was a potpourri of music, food, and culture.
12. The garden featured a lovely potpourri of flowers.
13. The anthology was a literary potpourri of different genres.
14. The market stall sold a fragrant potpourri of spices.
15. The meeting was a potpourri of ideas and opinions.
16. The museum's collection was a potpourri of artistic styles.
17. The city's cuisine is a delicious potpourri of flavors.
18. Her jewelry box held a sparkling potpourri of gems.
19. The festival offered a potpourri of entertainment options.
20. The album was a musical potpourri of genres and influences.
21. The conversation was a potpourri of topics and anecdotes.
22. The vacation destination offered a potpourri of activities.
23. The potpourri of voices in the choir created a harmonious blend.
24. The website provided a potpourri of information on various topics.
25. The antique shop featured a potpourri of collectibles.
26. The recipe was a culinary potpourri of international flavors.
27. The magazine contained a potpourri of articles on diverse subjects.
28. The gift basket was a delightful potpourri of gourmet treats.



assortment, uniformity, sameness, monotony


High School 17, TOEFL 4, Variety and Diversity

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