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How to pronounce modest (audio)


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Dictionary definition of modest

Demonstrating simplicity, humility, or moderation in one's actions, appearance, or achievements.
"Despite his remarkable talent, he remained modest and never boasted about his achievements."


Detailed meaning of modest

It implies a lack of arrogance or excessive pride, often associated with an unpretentious or unassuming demeanor. A modest person may downplay their talents or accomplishments, preferring to remain humble and not seek attention or praise. They exhibit a sense of restraint and contentment, avoiding extravagance or excess in their lifestyle or choices. A modest individual may also display a respectful and moderate approach in their dress, speech, or behavior, choosing not to draw undue attention to themselves. In essence, being modest entails a genuine modesty and a genuine modesty and a sincere appreciation for the simple joys in life, while eschewing boastfulness or showiness.

Example sentences containing modest

1. She wore a modest dress, simple yet elegant, highlighting her natural beauty.
2. His modest home had a cozy charm, filled with love and warmth in every room.
3. In a modest ceremony, they exchanged vows surrounded by their closest friends.
4. He accepted the award with modest grace, his humility touching everyone present.
5. Her modest approach to life was inspiring, prioritizing kindness and simplicity.
6. Their modest wedding emphasized love and commitment, not extravagance or show.

History and etymology of modest

The adjective 'modest' finds its origins in the Latin word 'modestus,' which is derived from 'modus,' meaning 'measure' or 'limit.' This etymology highlights the idea that being 'modest' involves adhering to a measured or limited approach, particularly in one's actions, appearance, or achievements. The concept of 'modest' behavior or demeanor is rooted in the notion of demonstrating simplicity, humility, and moderation, avoiding excessive displays or pretensions. The word's etymology emphasizes the virtue of restraint and a balanced approach, reflecting its historical connection to maintaining a sense of decorum and humility in various aspects of life.

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Further usage examples of modest

1. He lived in a modest cabin, surrounded by the serene beauty of the wilderness.
2. With modest pride, she displayed her artwork, a true expression of her soul.
3. A modest feast was enough to showcase their hospitality and warmth to guests.
4. Her modest attire spoke of elegance, displaying grace without excess or vanity.
5. His modest earnings did not diminish the immense respect colleagues had for him.
6. The scientist made a modest breakthrough, yet it had a global positive impact.
7. Amidst applause, he took the stage with modest poise, smiling with quiet dignity.
8. A modest upbringing instilled values of thrift, humility, and sincere gratitude.
9. They led a modest lifestyle, finding joy in simplicity and the beauty of nature.
10. With a modest nod, she acknowledged the praise, her heart brimming with joy.
11. The artist's modest studio was a haven where creativity and passion blossomed.
12. Their modest beginnings forged a resilient spirit, enabling them to conquer trials.
13. In his modest office, groundbreaking ideas that would change the world were born.
14. A modest garden bloomed, bearing testimony to her diligent care and affection.
15. She wore a modest dress that covered her shoulders and reached below her knees.
16. The restaurant offered a modest menu of classic dishes, focusing on quality rather than quantity.
17. Sarah lived in a modest apartment with minimal furnishings and decorations.
18. The young artist showed a modest display of her artwork at the local gallery.
19. The company's CEO was known for his modest lifestyle, despite his immense wealth.
20. Jenny received modest praise for her hard work, but she was content with the recognition she received.
21. The small cottage had a modest garden with a few blooming flowers.
22. The author published her novel with modest expectations, but it quickly gained widespread acclaim.
23. The humble teacher always had a modest approach, valuing the progress of her students over personal recognition.
24. Despite his fame and fortune, the actor maintained a modest attitude and actively supported charitable causes.
25. The modest shop sold handmade crafts created by local artisans, supporting the community's economy.



humble, arrogant, boastful, egotistic


Suffix -est, ACT 3 (American College Testing), Middle School 9, Discipline and Resolve

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