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How to pronounce restrained (audio)


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Dictionary definition of restrained

Exhibiting self-control, moderation, or a deliberate limitation of expression, action, or behavior.
"Despite heis anger, he remained restrained and spoke calmly."

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Detailed meaning of restrained

When something or someone is described as restrained, it implies a sense of holding back, avoiding excessive or impulsive actions, or exercising discipline. It suggests a deliberate choice to exhibit calmness, reserve, or measured responses, often in situations that may provoke strong emotions or reactions. For example, a restrained approach to conflict involves maintaining composure and avoiding aggression or hostility. A restrained design may feature simplicity, minimalism, or subtle elegance, rather than flamboyance or excess. Similarly, a restrained individual demonstrates an ability to contain emotions, maintain composure, or act with thoughtful deliberation. Overall, the term 'restrained' conveys a sense of controlled restraint or moderation, suggesting a deliberate and intentional approach in various aspects of life.

Example sentences containing restrained

1. The artwork had a restrained color palette, with subtle shades of gray and blue.
2. The dog showed a restrained behavior even in the presence of tempting treats.
3. He responded to the criticism with a restrained and thoughtful counterargument.
4. The chef's cooking style was characterized by restrained use of spices, allowing the natural flavors to shine.
5. The actress delivered a restrained but powerful performance that captivated the audience.
6. He had a restrained smile, showing just a hint of satisfaction.

History and etymology of restrained

The adjective 'restrained' has its origins in the Middle English word 'restreynen,' which in turn can be traced back to the Old French word 'restreindre.' This Old French term comes from the Latin word 'restringere,' which is a combination of 're-' (meaning 'back') and 'stringere' (meaning 'to bind' or 'to draw tight'). Therefore, the etymology of 'restrained' reflects the idea of pulling back or binding, which aligns with its modern definition of exhibiting self-control, moderation, or deliberate limitation of expression, action, or behavior, as if one were figuratively binding their impulses or actions.

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Further usage examples of restrained

1. The author's writing was marked by a restrained elegance, with carefully chosen words.
2. The government exercised restrained action in response to the protest, opting for peaceful dialogue.
3. The room was decorated with restrained sophistication, featuring clean lines and minimalistic furniture.
4. The CEO's leadership style was characterized by a restrained authority, fostering collaboration and empowerment.
5. The driver demonstrated great restraint in avoiding a collision, even in a high-pressure situation.
6. Her restrained response concealed her true emotions.
7. He exhibited a restrained demeanor during the argument.
8. The chef's use of spices was restrained but flavorful.
9. The artwork's colors were vibrant yet restrained.
10. His writing style is characterized by restrained elegance.
11. She wore a restrained smile, hiding her disappointment.
12. The actor's performance was subtle and restrained.
13. A restrained diet helped him achieve his fitness goals.
14. The leader's speech was measured and restrained.
15. The designer's clothing line featured restrained elegance.
16. The musician's music was minimalist and restrained.
17. Their budget was restrained due to financial constraints.
18. The judge maintained a restrained approach in court.
19. A restrained approach to parenting encourages independence.
20. The party decor was tastefully restrained.
21. His restrained enthusiasm concealed his excitement.
22. The interviewee gave a restrained response to the tough question.
23. The architecture had a restrained beauty.
24. The novel's prose was poetic yet restrained.
25. Her restrained laughter betrayed her amusement.



controlled, unrestrained, excessive, uncontrolled


Personality and Character Traits, Authority and Order, Rigor and Rebellion, Restraint and Moderation

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