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How to pronounce natatorial (audio)

Dictionary definition of natatorial

Relating to swimming or being adapted for swimming.
"The natatorial seal effortlessly dived into the ocean depths."

Detailed meaning of natatorial

It describes characteristics or traits that are specifically suited for aquatic movement or life. When something is described as natatorial, it often suggests an affinity or capability for swimming, whether in reference to animals, plants, or human activities. For example, a natatorial bird possesses adaptations such as webbed feet or streamlined bodies that facilitate efficient movement through water. Similarly, natatorial plants exhibit adaptations that enable them to thrive in aquatic environments, such as floating leaves or flexible stems. The term "natatorial" can also be used to describe human activities or sports that involve swimming, such as natatorial competitions or natatorial skills. Overall, the adjective "natatorial" is used to emphasize the aquatic nature, abilities, or adaptations associated with swimming or life in water.

Example sentences containing natatorial

1. The natatorial prowess of dolphins amazes scientists and enthusiasts alike.
2. Penguins' natatorial abilities make them agile hunters in the ocean.
3. The otter's natatorial grace is a joy to watch in the wild.
4. Ducks have natatorial adaptations that help them thrive in wetlands.
5. The natatorial instincts of fish ensure their survival in water.
6. Frogs possess natatorial features, allowing them to navigate ponds.

History and etymology of natatorial

The word 'natatorial' finds its etymological roots in the Latin language. It can be traced back to the Latin word 'natator,' which means a swimmer or one who swims. The suffix '-ial' in English is often used to form adjectives, denoting a relationship or connection to a particular activity or characteristic. In this case, when combined with 'natator,' it gives rise to 'natatorial,' signifying something related to swimming or adapted for swimming. Thus, the term 'natatorial' aptly captures the essence of objects, creatures, or activities associated with the aquatic world and the act of swimming itself.

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Further usage examples of natatorial

1. The platypus is a fascinating natatorial mammal native to Australia.
2. Swans exhibit natatorial elegance as they glide on tranquil lakes.
3. Seals' natatorial skills enable them to dive deep for food.
4. Turtles have natatorial adaptations such as flippers and a streamlined shell.
5. The natatorial behavior of coral reefs supports diverse marine life.
6. Navigating rivers, beavers display their impressive natatorial abilities.
7. The natatorial adaptations of eels make them efficient swimmers.
8. Salmon undertake epic natatorial journeys to spawn.
9. Manatees are known for their slow and natatorial movements.
10. The sea otter's natatorial fur provides insulation in cold waters.
11. The natatorial habits of seahorses differ from other fish species.
12. Crocodiles are formidable natatorial predators in freshwater habitats.
13. Many birds exhibit natatorial skills, but penguins excel in icy waters.
14. The natatorial diversity of marine life is a marvel of evolution.
15. The natatorial bird effortlessly glided across the lake's surface.
16. The swimmer's natatorial skills helped them win the race.
17. The otter's sleek body and natatorial abilities made it a master of swimming.
18. The natatorial plants thrived in the freshwater pond.
19. The natatorial competition showcased the participants' swimming prowess.
20. The natatorial frog leaped into the pond with a graceful splash.
21. The swimmer wore natatorial gear to enhance their performance in the water.
22. The natatorial insects skimmed across the pond's surface.
23. The natatorial reptile gracefully swam through the river, barely creating a ripple.
24. The natatorial exhibition displayed the diverse swimming techniques of different aquatic species.
25. The natatorial training program focused on improving the participants' swimming techniques and stamina.



swimming, terrestrial, land-based, grounded


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