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How to pronounce nativity (audio)


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Dictionary definition of nativity

The birth or the circumstances surrounding the birth of a person, particularly in reference to the birth of Jesus Christ.
"The nativity scene in the church beautifully depicted the birth of Jesus."

Detailed meaning of nativity

It is commonly associated with the Christian religious tradition and holds special significance during the Christmas season. The nativity typically encompasses the biblical account of Jesus' birth in Bethlehem, where he was laid in a manger as there was no room in the inn. The term can also refer to artistic representations or scenes depicting the birth of Jesus, often featuring figures such as Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus, shepherds, and the Wise Men. These nativity scenes or displays are commonly seen in churches, homes, and public spaces during the Christmas period. The nativity holds deep religious and cultural symbolism, representing the humble and miraculous beginning of Jesus' life and the central event in Christian theology. It serves as a reminder of the hope, love, and joy associated with the Christmas story.

Example sentences containing nativity

1. The nativity scene glowed, casting shadows on the snow-covered lawn.
2. Schools often reenact the nativity during December, delighting parents.
3. She painted the nativity with vibrant colors, bringing it to life.
4. Candles illuminated the nativity, casting a warm, golden glow.
5. Christmas cards often depict the nativity, a symbol of hope and joy.
6. A star shone brightly above the nativity, guiding the three kings.

History and etymology of nativity

The noun 'nativity' draws its etymology from the Latin word 'nativitas,' which is derived from 'natus,' meaning 'born.' In the context of religious tradition, 'nativity' specifically refers to the birth of Jesus Christ, and the circumstances surrounding it, as described in the Christian Bible. The term has been used for centuries to represent the pivotal event in Christianity, symbolizing the incarnation of Jesus as the Son of God. In this sense, 'nativity' captures the essence of the miraculous and sacred birth of Jesus, emphasizing its significance in Christian theology and its enduring role in the celebration of Christmas.

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Further usage examples of nativity

1. Every year, the church's nativity display attracts hundreds of visitors.
2. The children watched the nativity play, eyes wide with wonder.
3. Hand-carved figures depicted the nativity in intricate detail.
4. She adorned her mantelpiece with a small, wooden nativity.
5. The nativity story reminds us of hope and new beginnings each year.
6. Families gathered around to witness the live nativity at the park.
7. Angels watched over the nativity, their wings glistening in the night.
8. The nativity was depicted in stained glass, a spectacle of light and color.
9. Each Christmas, we reflect on the nativity and its timeless message.
10. Townspeople flocked to view the nativity scene in the city square.
11. He read the nativity story aloud on Christmas Eve, a family tradition.
12. Craftsmen from around the world create nativity sets in various styles.
13. The nativity, a tale of hope, is retold globally during the holidays.
14. Children dressed as shepherds and angels reenact the nativity yearly.
15. Our family sets up a nativity display under the Christmas tree every year.
16. The children reenacted the nativity story during the school Christmas play.
17. The nativity play brought tears to the eyes of the audience as they witnessed the birth of Jesus.
18. The nativity figurines were carefully arranged on the mantelpiece.
19. We attended a live nativity event where actors portrayed the characters from the biblical story.
20. The nativity scene in the park attracted many visitors who marveled at its craftsmanship.
21. The nativity set was passed down through generations in our family, holding sentimental value.
22. The school organized a nativity contest, inviting students to create their own representations of the scene.
23. The church choir sang hymns about the nativity during the Christmas Eve service.
24. The nativity story is an essential part of Christian tradition, teaching the birth of Jesus.
25. The nativity scene at the town square was illuminated with festive lights.
26. The children learned about the nativity story in Sunday school and created their own drawings of the scene.
27. The nativity play brought the community together, celebrating the spirit of Christmas.
28. The nativity scene served as a reminder of the humble beginnings of Jesus, inspiring faith and reflection.



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