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How to pronounce octogenarian (audio)

Dictionary definition of octogenarian

An individual who is between the ages of 80 and 89, specifically someone who is in their eighth decade of life.
"The octogenarian couple celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary surrounded by friends and family."

Detailed meaning of octogenarian

It is a term used to describe people who have reached an advanced stage of adulthood and have lived for a significant period of time. Octogenarians have typically experienced a wide range of life events and possess a wealth of knowledge and life experiences. They may have witnessed significant historical events and have valuable perspectives to share. As individuals in this age group, octogenarians may face certain physical and cognitive challenges associated with aging, but they also exhibit resilience and often lead fulfilling lives. They may continue to actively engage in personal interests, spend time with loved ones, and contribute to their communities. The term "octogenarian" acknowledges and highlights the unique characteristics and contributions of this specific age group.

Example sentences containing octogenarian

1. The octogenarian couple celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with a grand party.
2. The spry octogenarian still goes for daily walks in the park.
3. An octogenarian marathon runner completed her 100th race today.
4. The octogenarian artist's latest masterpiece received critical acclaim.
5. Our octogenarian neighbor shares fascinating stories from his youth.
6. The octogenarian scholar continues to publish groundbreaking research.

History and etymology of octogenarian

The adjective 'octogenarian' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is formed from the Latin word 'octoginta,' which means 'eighty,' and the suffix '-arius,' which is used to denote belonging to a particular group or category. Therefore, the etymology of 'octogenarian' conveys the idea of someone who is in their eighth decade of life, specifically between the ages of 80 and 89. This term emphasizes the numerical aspect of a person's age, indicating that they have reached the significant milestone of being in their eighties, as derived from its Latin origins in the word for 'eighty.'

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Further usage examples of octogenarian

1. An octogenarian astronaut made history with a spacewalk at age 83.
2. The octogenarian musician played a soulful melody on his violin.
3. An octogenarian chef prepared a gourmet meal for her family.
4. The octogenarian hiker climbed the mountain, defying his age.
5. Our octogenarian friend's wit and humor are truly remarkable.
6. An octogenarian poet penned a collection of heartfelt verses.
7. The octogenarian actor received a lifetime achievement award.
8. An octogenarian pilot still flies his vintage plane with precision.
9. The octogenarian gardener tends to a lush, thriving garden.
10. My octogenarian grandmother loves to share stories from her youth.
11. The octogenarian man astonished everyone by completing the marathon.
12. Her octogenarian neighbor tends an impressive garden, teeming with colorful flowers.
13. The local newspaper featured an article about an octogenarian artist whose work remains influential.
14. He was amazed to find out that the lively and energetic woman at the party was an octogenarian.
15. The town's octogenarian baker still uses the same traditional recipes that his ancestors did.
16. My octogenarian aunt recently took up salsa dancing and has never been happier.
17. The retirement home organized a technology class for octogenarian residents to learn about smartphones.
18. As an octogenarian, she attributes her long life to eating well and staying active.
19. The community center offers special fitness programs tailored for octogenarian participants.
20. Despite being an octogenarian, he tirelessly volunteers at the local animal shelter.
21. The octogenarian author released her latest book, adding to her vast collection of novels.
22. They threw a lavish birthday party for their octogenarian father, who loves social gatherings.
23. The octogenarian actress received a lifetime achievement award for her contributions to the film industry.



elderly, youth, adolescent, juvenile


SAT 10 (Scholastic Assessment Test), High School 1, Life Stages and Mortality

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