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How to pronounce opening (audio)


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Dictionary definition of opening

A physical aperture or gap that allows passage or access.
"The opening in the fence allowed the animals to freely roam between the fields."


Detailed meaning of opening

For example, an opening in a wall or a door provides an entrance or exit. Secondly, it can signify the initial part or beginning of something, such as the opening of a book, movie, or speech. This usage denotes the commencement or starting point. Thirdly, 'opening' can denote an opportunity or chance for advancement or participation. It signifies a favorable circumstance or a chance to begin or achieve something. Additionally, it can refer to an available position or vacancy for employment, like a job opening. Fourthly, 'opening' can describe an act of disclosing or revealing, as in an opening statement in a court case. Finally, 'opening' can pertain to a formal ceremony or event that marks the start of something, like the opening of an art exhibition. Overall, 'opening' encompasses the concepts of physical access, beginnings, opportunities, disclosures, and ceremonial events.

Example sentences containing opening

1. The opening of the ceremony was marked by a spectacular fireworks display.
2. I eagerly awaited the opening of the new store in my neighborhood.
3. The opening of the play captivated the audience with its stunning set design.
4. She delivered a powerful opening statement that set the tone for the trial.
5. The job opening attracted numerous qualified candidates.
6. The opening chapter of the novel introduced the main characters and established the setting.

History and etymology of opening

The noun 'opening' finds its etymological roots in the Old English word 'opnung,' which is derived from the verb 'openian,' meaning 'to open.' This Old English term, in turn, has its origins in the Proto-Germanic word 'opnōną.' The concept behind 'opening' is quite straightforward, as it denotes a physical aperture or gap that permits passage or access. The word 'open' itself has remained remarkably consistent in its meaning throughout its history, signifying the act of making something accessible or creating a passage. As a noun, 'opening' embodies this idea by referring to the actual aperture or gap itself, emphasizing its role in allowing entry, visibility, or passage through an otherwise closed or obstructed space.

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Further usage examples of opening

1. The opening of the exhibition showcased a diverse collection of artwork.
2. The team capitalized on the opponent's defensive opening to score an early goal.
3. The grand opening of the restaurant drew a large crowd eager to sample the cuisine.
4. The opening chords of the song instantly grabbed my attention.
5. I felt a sense of excitement and anticipation as I attended the opening of the conference.
6. The opening in the wall provided a view of the beautiful garden.
7. She noticed an opening in the dense forest and ventured inside.
8. The opening of the new store drew a large crowd of excited shoppers.
9. The book's opening chapter set the stage for an epic adventure.
10. An opening in the clouds allowed the sunlight to filter through.
11. The theater's grand opening was a spectacular event.
12. He discovered an opening in the cave and decided to explore it.
13. The job opening attracted applicants from all over the country.
14. The opening notes of the symphony filled the concert hall.
15. An opening in the fence allowed the animals to escape.
16. The opening of the envelope revealed a heartfelt letter.
17. The opening of the treasure chest revealed a trove of jewels.
18. She found an opening in the conversation to share her ideas.
19. The opening in the roof let in a cool breeze on a hot day.
20. The restaurant's grand opening featured live music and free samples.
21. The opening in the dam allowed water to flow downstream.
22. The opening of the box revealed a surprise gift.
23. An opening in the clouds revealed a glimpse of the stars.
24. He spotted an opening in the traffic and merged onto the highway.
25. The opening of the door signaled the arrival of unexpected guests.



gap, closure, blockage, closing


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