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opening, closure, blockage, obstruction



How to pronounce aperture (audio)

Dictionary definition of aperture

An opening, hole, or gap, especially one that allows the passage of light, sound, or other substances.
"The photographer adjusted the aperture on the camera to capture more light."

Detailed meaning of aperture

In various contexts, an aperture can serve different functions. In photography and optics, it describes the adjustable opening in a camera lens that controls the amount of light entering to capture an image. In astronomy, telescopes have apertures that collect and focus light from celestial objects. In architecture, an aperture might be a window, door, or any opening in a structure. Additionally, the term is used metaphorically to refer to openings or opportunities for observation, insight, or access. "Aperture" conveys the idea of a defined and often adjustable entrance or passage, whether literal or symbolic, allowing for the passage of something valuable or significant.

Example sentences of aperture

1. The camera's aperture controls the amount of light entering the lens.
2. The telescope's aperture revealed distant galaxies in stunning detail.
3. The tiny aperture in the wall allowed sound to pass between rooms.
4. Adjusting the aperture settings can enhance photographic creativity.
5. A narrow aperture produces a deeper depth of field in photography.
6. The submarine's aperture provided a view into the ocean depths.

History and etymology of aperture

The term 'aperture' finds its origins in Latin, specifically from the word 'apertura,' which itself is derived from the verb 'aperire,' meaning 'to open.' In essence, the etymology of 'aperture' is intricately tied to the concept of opening or making something accessible. Over time, this word evolved in meaning and usage, coming to represent not just any opening but more specifically an opening, hole, or gap, especially one that allows the passage of light, sound, or other substances. This evolution reflects the enduring significance of the concept of openings in various contexts, from photography to optics and beyond.

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Further usage examples of aperture

1. The aperture in the dam allowed water to flow into the irrigation canal.
2. She peered through the aperture in the door to see who was outside.
3. The lens's wide aperture captured beautiful bokeh in the background.
4. The aperture of the ear amplifies sounds for better hearing.
5. The cave's narrow aperture made it challenging to enter.
6. The microscope's aperture focused light on the specimen.
7. Astronomers use large telescopic apertures to observe celestial objects.
8. The aperture of the flute produced a rich, resonant tone.
9. The aperture in the mountain revealed a breathtaking view.
10. The photographer adjusted the aperture to control exposure.
11. Light entered the room through a small aperture in the curtain.
12. The architect designed a skylight with a retractable aperture.
13. The aperture in the fence allowed wildlife to pass through.
14. Adjusting the camera's aperture can create stunning visual effects.
15. The telescope's aperture was widened to allow for better viewing of the stars.
16. The aperture of the iris in the eye regulates the amount of light that enters.
17. The sniper peered through the aperture of his scope to line up the shot.
18. The microscope's aperture was adjusted to increase the resolution of the image.
19. The camera's aperture was set to create a shallow depth of field, blurring the background.
20. The telescope's aperture was too small to capture clear images of distant planets.
21. The artist used a pinhole aperture to create a unique effect in her photographs.
22. The aperture of the cannon was aimed at the enemy troops.
23. The camera's aperture and shutter speed work together to control the exposure of the image.
24. The aperture of the flute was adjusted to produce different notes and tones.
25. The door had an aperture in it for the mail to be delivered.


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