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How to pronounce optical (audio)

Dictionary definition of optical

Pertaining to the sense of sight or vision, as well as anything related to the properties and behavior of light.
"The photographer used optical filters to create artistic effects."

Detailed meaning of optical

In the context of human physiology, "optical" refers to the aspects of the eye and visual system, including optical lenses, optical illusions, or optical health. When used in the realm of technology, "optical" often involves the use of light or electromagnetic radiation for various purposes, such as optical fibers for data transmission, optical sensors for detecting light intensity, or optical instruments like microscopes and telescopes. Additionally, "optical" can describe anything that is visible or perceivable to the human eye, encompassing the study of how light interacts with materials, the creation of optical effects, and the design of optical devices for diverse applications in science, medicine, telecommunications, and more. Overall, "optical" is a versatile term that relates to the fascinating world of light, vision, and the technologies and phenomena associated with them.

Example sentences containing optical

1. The optical illusion made the room appear larger than it was.
2. His optical prescription improved his vision significantly.
3. The telescope revealed distant galaxies in remarkable detail.
4. The optical fiber network ensured high-speed internet access.
5. Her artistic talent extended to creating intricate optical designs.
6. The camera's optical zoom captured distant objects clearly.

History and etymology of optical

The term 'optical' derives its etymology from the Latin word 'opticus,' which, in turn, can be traced back to the Greek word 'optikos.' The Greek term 'optikos' is derived from 'optos,' meaning 'seen' or 'visible.' This etymological journey underscores the fundamental connection between the concept of optics and the act of seeing or perceiving through the sense of vision. 'Optical' is used to describe anything related to the properties and behavior of light, as well as matters pertaining to the sense of sight, emphasizing its historical ties to the realm of visual perception and illumination.

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Further usage examples of optical

1. Optical illusions challenge our perception of reality.
2. The optical microscope magnified tiny specimens for study.
3. Optical sensors detect motion in security systems.
4. He researched optical phenomena in his scientific experiments.
5. The eyeglasses had advanced optical coatings for clarity.
6. Optical instruments enhance our understanding of the cosmos.
7. The optical properties of the diamond made it sparkle brilliantly.
8. Optical character recognition software converts text to digital.
9. His optical expertise enabled him to diagnose eye conditions.
10. Optical flares added realism to the movie's special effects.
11. The optical track on the film stored audio information.
12. The binoculars provided a clear optical view of the wildlife.
13. Optical communication systems transmit data through light.
14. Optical illusions can play tricks on our visual perception.
15. The camera's optical zoom allowed for a clear image of the distant object.
16. The optical illusion made the straight lines appear curved.
17. The telescope's optical capabilities allowed for detailed observations of distant galaxies.
18. The optometrist prescribed new optical lenses to improve the patient's vision.
19. The museum exhibit featured an array of optical illusions.
20. The microscope's optical resolution enabled the study of small biological structures.
21. The military used optical instruments for reconnaissance and surveillance.
22. The physics lab conducted experiments on the properties of optical fibers.
23. The eyeglasses had a scratch-resistant optical coating.
24. The satellite's optical sensors captured images of the Earth from space.
25. The ophthalmologist used an optical coherence tomography (OCT) machine to diagnose the patient's eye condition.



visual, auditory, aural, sound


TOEFL 2, Optical Phenomena and Radiance, Middle School 2, Light and Visibility

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