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pictorial, auditory, invisible, unseen


TOEFL 8, High School 6, Sensory and Perception



How to pronounce visual (audio)


Dictionary definition of visual

Relating to sight or the sense of vision.
"The art gallery showcased a stunning visual display of vibrant paintings."

Detailed meaning of visual

It describes something that is perceived or experienced through the eyes. When used to describe an object, event, or experience, "visual" implies that it is primarily or predominantly focused on the sense of sight. It emphasizes the importance of visual elements, such as colors, shapes, forms, and patterns, in conveying information or evoking emotions. The term "visual" is often used in the context of arts, design, and media to highlight the significance of visual aesthetics, composition, and communication. Additionally, "visual" can refer to techniques, tools, or aids that assist in visual perception or understanding, such as visual aids, visual arts, or visual representations. Overall, the adjective "visual" centers around the sense of sight and encompasses the visual aspects, qualities, or components of a subject or experience.

Example sentences containing visual

1. The movie relied heavily on visual effects to create breathtaking cinematic moments.
2. The infographic provided a clear visual representation of complex data.
3. The photographer captured the scenic landscape in stunning visual detail.
4. The presentation included visual aids to enhance understanding and engagement.
5. The fashion show featured visually striking designs and imaginative costumes.
6. The graphic novel told the story through captivating visual storytelling.

History and etymology of visual

The adjective 'visual' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'visus,' which means 'sight' or 'sense of vision.' In English, 'visual' pertains to anything related to sight or the sense of vision. It encompasses the aspects of perception and expression that are primarily focused on what we see, whether it's visual arts, visual aids, or visual experiences. The term underscores the fundamental role of vision in human understanding and communication. The etymology of 'visual' reflects its close connection to the Latin word 'visus,' emphasizing its link to the sense of sight and the visual aspects of our sensory experience.

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Further usage examples of visual

1. The website's layout and visual design were aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.
2. The visual artist used a variety of mediums to express their creativity.
3. The museum exhibit offered an immersive visual experience that transported visitors to different time periods.
4. The advertisement caught my attention with its bold visual imagery and captivating visuals.
5. The video game's visual effects created a realistic and immersive gaming experience.
6. The visual appeal of the artwork left me speechless.
7. His presentation was a captivating visual experience.
8. Visual aids can enhance comprehension in lectures.
9. The documentary offered a stunning visual journey.
10. Graphic designers create visual elements for websites.
11. The visual effects in the movie were truly impressive.
12. Visual impairment can be challenging to overcome.
13. Charts and graphs provide a visual representation of data.
14. Virtual reality offers immersive visual experiences.
15. The visual cues helped me navigate the complex maze.
16. The visual harmony in the garden was breathtaking.
17. Visual storytelling is a powerful communication tool.
18. She had a keen visual memory for faces.
19. The visual contrast between the two paintings was striking.
20. Visual impairment didn't hinder his artistic talent.
21. The visual impact of the sunrise was awe-inspiring.
22. Visual impairment necessitated the use of Braille.
23. Visual art can convey emotions in unique ways.
24. The museum's exhibits showcased diverse visual styles.
25. The visual aesthetics of the building were remarkable.

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