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How to pronounce graphic (audio)

Dictionary definition of graphic

Vivid, explicit, or detailed, often pertaining to visual representation or description.
"The horror movie contained graphic scenes of violence and gore."

Detailed meaning of graphic

It is commonly used to describe images, illustrations, or designs that are visually striking, clear, and visually impactful. "Graphic" can also refer to written or verbal descriptions that are explicit, vivid, or detailed, often depicting events, scenes, or situations with precision and clarity. In this context, it is associated with providing a clear and realistic portrayal of a subject matter, sometimes involving explicit or sensitive content. The term "graphic" can be used in various contexts, including graphic design, graphic novels, graphic descriptions in literature, or graphic content warnings. Overall, it highlights the visual or descriptive power that conveys a strong and clear impression or representation of a subject.

Example sentences containing graphic

1. The graphic novel featured stunning illustrations that brought the story to life.
2. The documentary included graphic footage of the natural disaster's aftermath.
3. The graphic design on the advertisement was eye-catching and vibrant.
4. The surgeon showed a graphic presentation of the surgical procedure.
5. The news article included a graphic description of the crime scene.
6. The artist created a graphic mural that depicted the city's history.

History and etymology of graphic

The adjective 'graphic' has its origins in the Greek word 'graphikos,' which is derived from 'grapho,' meaning 'I write' or 'I draw.' This etymology underscores its close connection to visual representation and description. Over time, as the word passed into Latin and Old French, it retained its association with visual depictions, particularly in the context of writing or drawing. In modern English, 'graphic' has evolved to describe something vivid, explicit, or detailed, often concerning visual representations or descriptions that provide a clear and detailed portrayal of a subject. This evolution in meaning reflects the enduring connection between the word 'graphic' and its roots in visual communication and representation.

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Further usage examples of graphic

1. The graphic details in the novel painted a vivid picture of the protagonist's struggles.
2. The website had a warning about graphic content before displaying sensitive images.
3. The graphic nature of the documentary aimed to raise awareness about social issues.
4. The graphic violence in the video game stirred controversy among parents.
5. The graphic design company specialized in creating visually appealing logos and branding.
6. The witness provided a graphic account of the accident to the police.
7. The book cover featured a graphic illustration that caught the reader's attention.
8. The museum displayed a collection of graphic prints by renowned artists.
9. The journalist used a graphic metaphor to describe the economic downturn.
10. The magazine article had a warning label indicating graphic descriptions of a medical procedure.
11. The graphic elements in the presentation made it engaging and memorable.
12. The documentary filmmaker used graphic visuals to depict the harsh realities of war.
13. The artist's gallery exhibit showcased a series of graphic photographs exploring social issues.
14. The graphic images from the accident were difficult to forget.
15. Her graphic description of the crime scene made me shudder.
16. The graphic novel depicted a dystopian future in vivid detail.
17. The documentary included graphic footage of the natural disaster.
18. The artist's work featured a graphic portrayal of urban life.
19. The news report included graphic accounts of the war's impact.
20. The graphic design on the poster was visually stunning.
21. The book contained a graphic account of the protagonist's journey.
22. The medical textbook provided graphic illustrations of surgeries.
23. His storytelling was so graphic that it felt like I was there.
24. The movie's violence was depicted in a graphic and unsettling manner.



vivid, vague, unclear, obscure


Clarity and Candor, Communication and Expression, Sensory and Perception

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