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How to pronounce overblown (audio)


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Dictionary definition of overblown

Exaggerated, inflated, or excessively embellished beyond its true or necessary proportions.
"The CEO's overblown projections of future profits misled investors."


Detailed meaning of overblown

It describes a state or condition in which something has been magnified or enlarged to an unreasonable or disproportionate degree. When applied to a statement, idea, or claim, it suggests that it is overly dramatic, sensationalized, or hyperbolic. Likewise, when used to describe a person's behavior or style, it implies that they are excessively showy, flamboyant, or pretentious. The term "overblown" often carries a negative connotation, suggesting a lack of authenticity, sincerity, or restraint. It is frequently used to critique or dismiss something that is deemed to be excessive, theatrical, or lacking in substance.

Example sentences containing overblown

1. The critics dismissed the movie as an overblown spectacle lacking in substance.
2. Her overblown reaction to a minor inconvenience surprised everyone.
3. The politician's promises turned out to be overblown and unrealistic.
4. The article featured an overblown headline that exaggerated the severity of the situation.
5. The extravagant wedding decorations were criticized as overblown and excessive.
6. The CEO's overblown ego hindered effective collaboration within the company.

History and etymology of overblown

The adjective 'overblown' can be broken down etymologically to better understand its meaning. It combines two elements: 'over,' which implies excess or beyond, and 'blown,' derived from the past participle of the Old English verb 'blāwan,' meaning to blow or inflate. When these components are put together, 'overblown' conveys the idea of something that has been exaggerated, inflated, or excessively embellished beyond its true or necessary proportions. This etymology emphasizes the notion of something being pushed beyond its natural or reasonable limits, often resulting in a sense of artificiality or exaggeration.

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Further usage examples of overblown

1. The artist's overblown claims about their masterpiece raised skepticism among art enthusiasts.
2. The overblown marketing campaign failed to generate the expected buzz.
3. The fashion show's overblown runway designs overshadowed the clothing itself.
4. His overblown gestures and exaggerated facial expressions made him the center of attention.
5. The author's writing style was criticized as overblown and unnecessarily verbose.
6. The actor's overblown portrayal of the character received mixed reviews from the audience.
7. The overblown praise from the speaker seemed insincere and insubstantial.
8. The media's coverage of the celebrity scandal was filled with overblown rumors and speculations.
9. The movie's overblown special effects overshadowed its weak storyline.
10. Her overblown reaction to the minor issue surprised everyone.
11. The politician's promises seemed overblown and unrealistic.
12. The media's coverage of the scandal was highly overblown.
13. The CEO's ego led to an overblown sense of self-importance.
14. The dessert's presentation was overblown, but the taste disappointed.
15. His overblown confidence often led to poor decision-making.
16. The marketing campaign's claims were clearly overblown.
17. The company's annual report was criticized for its overblown success stories.
18. Her overblown enthusiasm for the project was contagious.
19. The fashion industry often promotes overblown trends.
20. Critics argued that the artist's work was overblown and pretentious.
21. The controversy turned out to be overblown and based on misunderstandings.
22. The extravagant party was an example of overblown extravagance.
23. The conspiracy theory's claims were completely overblown and baseless.



exaggerated, understated, minimized, downplayed


Prefix over-, Abundance and Excess, Artifice and Falseness, Exaggeration and Grandiosity

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