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How to pronounce bombastic (audio)


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Dictionary definition of bombastic

High-flown or inflated words and phrases, often used to impress or intimidate others.
"The bombastic claims made by the scientist were met with skepticism."

Detailed meaning of bombastic

It is marked by grandiosity, exaggeration, and a lack of sincerity. The term can also be used to describe writing or speech that is overly ornate and lacking in simplicity and clarity. In a sentence, "The lawyer's bombastic rhetoric failed to sway the jury, who found his argument hard to follow."

Example sentences containing bombastic

1. The politician's bombastic speech was filled with grandiose language but lacked substance.
2. The rock star's bombastic entrance, complete with fireworks and blaring music, thrilled the audience.
3. His bombastic writing style was characterized by long, flowery sentences that often obscured his point.
4. The professor's bombastic lecture made a simple concept seem much more complicated than it really was.
5. The critic described the film as a bombastic spectacle with dazzling visuals but a hollow story.
6. She was unimpressed by his bombastic claims of being the best in the business.

History and etymology of bombastic

The adjective 'bombastic' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'bombax,' which means 'cotton' or 'padding.' In the Middle Ages, the word 'bombax' was used figuratively to describe the stuffing or padding in clothing, often used to make a person's attire appear larger or more impressive than it actually was. Over time, this idea of inflating or padding to create an impressive exterior became associated with language and rhetoric. Thus, 'bombastic' came to describe high-flown or inflated words and phrases, often used to impress or intimidate others. The term underscores the use of extravagant language as a form of embellishment or exaggeration, reflecting its historical connection to the world of fashion and grandiosity, as conveyed by its linguistic heritage.

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Further usage examples of bombastic

1. The advertisement was bombastic, promising miraculous results from a very ordinary product.
2. The band's bombastic performance was a mix of high energy, loud music, and flamboyant costumes.
3. His bombastic presentation was filled with charts and figures, but lacked a clear message.
4. The novel was criticized for its bombastic language and lack of character development.
5. He made a bombastic declaration of his plans, but everyone knew he lacked the resources to achieve them.
6. The host’s bombastic commentary was more about creating hype than providing useful information.
7. The politician's bombastic rhetoric did little to address the real issues facing the community.
8. His bombastic speech was filled with grandiose claims but lacked substantive arguments.
9. The writer's bombastic style made it difficult to discern the true message behind his words.
10. Her presentation was bombastic, using complex jargon to disguise the lack of original ideas.
11. While the film's dialogue was bombastic, it failed to resonate emotionally with the audience.
12. The professor's bombastic lectures, though entertaining, often left students scratching their heads.
13. Amid the bombastic fanfare of the parade, the quiet moments felt even more poignant.
14. Critics dismissed his novel as a bombastic exercise in self-indulgence, lacking real substance.
15. His bombastic social media posts are more about showing off than sharing meaningful content.
16. The company's bombastic marketing campaign promised revolutionary changes that never materialized.
17. She felt that the musician's bombastic performance overshadowed the nuances of the composition.
18. The CEO's bombastic claims about the product's capabilities raised eyebrows among industry experts.
19. The bombastic soundtrack was at odds with the film's subtle storytelling, causing a jarring experience.
20. During interviews, she avoided bombastic statements, preferring to speak in a straightforward manner.
21. The artist's bombastic persona drew attention, but it was his skill that earned him lasting respect.
22. The bombastic prose of the self-help book made its otherwise simple advice hard to digest.
23. His bombastic approach to negotiations alienated those who preferred a more diplomatic dialogue.
24. While some found his bombastic delivery captivating, others questioned the depth of his knowledge.
25. In the midst of bombastic speeches, her quiet, sincere words stood out and touched the audience.
26. The review criticized the play for its bombastic dialogue, which detracted from its emotional impact.



grandiloquent, plain, humble, understated


GRE 3 (Graduate Record Examination), Abundance and Excess, Dialogue and Articulation, Drama and Overreaction, Emotional Extremes and Reactions, Exaggeration and Grandiosity

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