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How to pronounce overhang (audio)

Dictionary definition of overhang

To project or extend beyond the edge or surface of something, typically in a horizontal or downward manner.
"The tree branches overhang the picnic area, offering a natural canopy."

Detailed meaning of overhang

It implies a partial or complete coverage of one object by another. When an object overhangs, it creates a portion that hangs or protrudes over a space or surface below it. This can be seen in various contexts, such as a roof overhanging a building's walls, a cliff overhanging a valley, or a tree branch overhanging a path. The verb "overhang" can also describe a situation where something extends beyond the expected or planned timeframe, such as a project that overhangs its original deadline. In both physical and metaphorical senses, "overhang" conveys the idea of something jutting out or extending over, creating a visible or figurative presence beyond its immediate boundaries.

Example sentences containing overhang

1. The cliffs overhang the stormy sea, creating a natural shelter for the boats.
2. The ancient tree's massive branches overhang the quiet path in the forest.
3. The red tile roof of the charming cottage overhang the small, fragrant garden.
4. The vines overhang the garden gate, giving it a magical, ethereal quality.
5. A wide balcony overhang the entrance to the majestic mansion.
6. The ominous clouds overhang the mountains, foretelling an approaching storm.

History and etymology of overhang

The verb 'overhang' can be understood through its etymology. It combines two elements: 'over,' which signifies a position above or beyond, and 'hang,' derived from the Old English word 'hangian,' meaning to be suspended or supported in the air. When brought together, 'overhang' conveys the notion of something projecting or extending beyond the edge or surface of something else, typically in a horizontal or downward manner. This etymology highlights the image of an object or structure hanging or protruding over another, creating a sense of extension or suspension that characterizes the action of overhanging.

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Further usage examples of overhang

1. Large, ornate chandeliers overhang the grand ballroom, casting a soft, romantic light.
2. Layers of thick ice overhang the frosty edge of the glacier.
3. Gargoyles overhang the sides of the old cathedral, watching over the city below.
4. The balcony overhang the crowded street, offering a perfect view of the bustling city.
5. The rock formations overhang the desert, casting long shadows in the late afternoon sun.
6. Bulky, futuristic machines overhang the assembly line in the robotics factory.
7. The oak branches overhang the narrow lane, forming a natural tunnel of leaves.
8. The flowered trellis overhang the patio, offering a shady respite from the summer heat.
9. Large, colourful signs overhang the busy market streets, advertising a multitude of goods.
10. The jagged rocks overhang the hiking trail, posing a potential danger to passersby.
11. An ornate canopy overhang the grand four-poster bed, adding an extra touch of luxury.
12. A lush canopy of leaves overhang the forest floor, keeping it cool and dim.
13. The awning overhang the cafe entrance, shielding customers from the sun and rain.
14. Rusty iron girders overhang the abandoned factory, a testament to its long-lost glory.



protrude, recede, retreat, withdraw


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