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How to pronounce parvis (audio)


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Dictionary definition of parvis

A term predominantly used in architecture to describe an open area or courtyard in front of a religious building, such as a church or cathedral.
"The parishioners gathered on the parvis before entering the grand cathedral."


Detailed meaning of parvis

The parvis is typically located near the main entrance and serves as a transitional space between the secular world and the sacred interior. It often provides a gathering place for congregants, visitors, and the local community. Historically, the parvis was utilized for various purposes, including religious processions, public events, and social interactions. It may feature architectural elements like fountains, sculptures, or seating areas. The parvis holds cultural and historical significance, acting as a space for communal engagement and reflection. Its design and use can vary across different regions and time periods, but its essence as an inviting and accessible area preceding a religious structure remains consistent.

Example sentences containing parvis

1. The parvis was adorned with colorful flowers for the spring festival.
2. Visitors enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere of the parvis, taking a moment for quiet contemplation.
3. The church organized a concert on the parvis, filling the air with beautiful music.
4. The historical parvis provided a picturesque backdrop for wedding photographs.
5. Children played games on the parvis during the community fair.
6. The religious procession made its way through the parvis, accompanied by chants and hymns.

History and etymology of parvis

The noun 'parvis' finds its etymological origins in the Latin term 'paradisus,' which means 'paradise' or 'enclosed garden.' In medieval Latin, 'paradisus' evolved to 'paradisium,' and later, in Old French, it became 'parvis.' The term 'parvis' took on a specific architectural meaning and came to describe an open area or courtyard in front of a religious building, typically a church or cathedral. This etymology reflects the idea that this space, often adorned with gardens or decorative elements, was seen as a sacred and inviting area, akin to a paradise, where congregants and visitors could gather before entering the religious edifice. The etymology of 'parvis' thus emphasizes its historical and architectural significance as a transitional and symbolic space in front of religious buildings.

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Further usage examples of parvis

1. The tour guide explained the significance of the sculptures on the parvis to the curious tourists.
2. Local artisans displayed their crafts on stalls set up on the parvis during the summer market.
3. The parvis was transformed into an outdoor theater for a special performance.
4. A small café on the parvis offered refreshments to weary travelers and churchgoers.
5. The parvis buzzed with activity as volunteers prepared for the charity event.
6. The parvis in front of the cathedral is a serene gathering place.
7. Pilgrims often congregate on the parvis before entering the church.
8. The parvis was adorned with intricate stone carvings.
9. The parvis offers a stunning view of the grand cathedral.
10. On the parvis, visitors find solace and reflection.
11. The parvis was bustling with tourists and worshippers.
12. We admired the Gothic architecture from the parvis.
13. The parvis is a symbol of spiritual tranquility.
14. The parvis serves as the cathedral's grand entrance.
15. The parvis is a peaceful oasis in the heart of the city.
16. People lit candles on the parvis to pay their respects.
17. The parvis was illuminated with soft, inviting light.
18. The parvis exudes a sense of divine serenity.
19. The cathedral's parvis is a place of sacred beauty.
20. Visitors gather on the parvis for religious festivals.
21. The parvis is an integral part of the cathedral's design.
22. The parvis is adorned with colorful flowerbeds.
23. Pilgrims walked barefoot on the parvis as a sign of devotion.
24. The parvis is a site of both reverence and celebration.
25. We paused on the parvis to take in the cathedral's grandeur.



forecourt, interior, inside, sanctuary


SAT 14 (Scholastic Assessment Test), High School 10, Architectural Features and Spaces

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