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How to pronounce peremptory (audio)


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Dictionary definition of peremptory

Delivered in an authoritative and final manner, leaving no room for debate or negotiation.
"The manager's peremptory tone made it clear that the discussion was over."

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Detailed meaning of peremptory

A peremptory demand or order is one that expects immediate compliance, without any question or hesitation. The tone of a peremptory statement is often abrupt, decisive, and assertive, and can convey a sense of superiority or entitlement on the part of the speaker. Someone who is peremptory may come across as domineering or controlling, and may not be receptive to alternative perspectives or ideas. In general, a peremptory attitude can be seen as a sign of impatience or intolerance, and may be viewed as rude or disrespectful in certain social or professional contexts.

Example sentences containing peremptory

1. The judge's peremptory ruling was final and could not be appealed.
2. The customer's peremptory demand for a refund was met with resistance.
3. The teacher's peremptory attitude made the students feel unwelcome.
4. The employee's peremptory dismissal of the proposal was a surprise.
5. The doctor's peremptory diagnosis left the patient feeling uneasy.
6. The executive's peremptory instructions were followed without question.

History and etymology of peremptory

The adjective 'peremptory' derives its origins from the Latin word 'peremptorius,' which is related to 'perimere,' meaning 'to take away' or 'destroy.' This etymology reflects the commanding and absolute nature of the term. When something is described as 'peremptory,' it is delivered in an authoritative and final manner, leaving no room for debate or negotiation, much like a decision or action that decisively removes any alternatives or objections. The term embodies a sense of uncompromising authority, evoking the idea of a forceful assertion that brooks no opposition, reminiscent of the resolute and conclusive actions signified by its etymological roots in Latin.

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Further usage examples of peremptory

1. The negotiator's peremptory demands were met with pushback.
2. The coach's peremptory commands resulted in a lack of teamwork.
3. The scientist's peremptory conclusion was met with skepticism.
4. The lawyer's peremptory closing argument was not well received.
5. The employee's peremptory attitude resulted in a poor performance review.
6. The CEO issued a peremptory order to implement the new policy immediately.
7. His peremptory tone left no room for discussion during the meeting.
8. The judge's peremptory ruling surprised the courtroom.
9. She gave a peremptory refusal to the proposal, ending the discussion.
10. The general issued a peremptory command to cease fire.
11. The teacher's peremptory dismissal of the idea disappointed the students.
12. The chairman made a peremptory decision without consulting the board.
13. His peremptory demand for silence silenced the room.
14. The manager's peremptory instructions were to be followed without question.
15. The peremptory eviction notice shocked the tenants.
16. The diplomat delivered a peremptory ultimatum to the opposing nation.
17. The committee chair used a peremptory vote to settle the dispute.
18. Her peremptory response left no doubt about her stance on the issue.
19. The captain's peremptory order was followed without hesitation.
20. The CEO's peremptory decision led to significant changes in the company.
21. He issued a peremptory command, asserting his authority.
22. The government's peremptory stance on the matter sparked controversy.
23. The director's peremptory directive was clear and concise.
24. The coach's peremptory substitution of players surprised the team.
25. She delivered a peremptory rejection of the proposal, ending negotiations.



authoritative, compliant, submissive, yielding


SAT 4 (Scholastic Assessment Test), High School 13, Judgement and Decision-Making

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