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How to pronounce plentiful (audio)


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Dictionary definition of plentiful

Abundant, ample, or available in large quantities.
"The rain brought a plentiful harvest of mushrooms in the forest."

Detailed meaning of plentiful

It describes a situation where there is a plentiful supply or a great quantity of something. When something is plentiful, it is present in sufficient or even excessive amounts, making it easily accessible or obtainable. This adjective is often used to describe resources, goods, or opportunities that are plentifully available. It conveys a sense of bounty, generosity, or richness. For example, a plentiful harvest refers to an abundant yield of crops, while a plentiful supply of water suggests an ample amount for various needs. The term "plentiful" can also be applied to intangible things, such as ideas or possibilities, to indicate an abundance of options or choices. Overall, the adjective "plentiful" emphasizes the abundance or copiousness of something, highlighting the favorable nature of having an ample supply or quantity.

Example sentences containing plentiful

1. The garden was abundant with plentiful fruits and vegetables.
2. The store shelves were stocked with a plentiful variety of products.
3. The region's forests are home to a plentiful array of wildlife.
4. The fishing trip was successful, with plentiful catches of fish.
5. The farmer's market offered a plentiful selection of fresh produce.
6. The sunny weather provided plentiful opportunities for outdoor activities.

History and etymology of plentiful

The adjective 'plentiful' traces its etymology back to the Old French word 'plentevous,' which was formed by combining 'plenté' (meaning plenty or abundance) with the suffix '-vous,' denoting fullness or possessing a characteristic. This Old French term itself had evolved from the Latin 'plenus,' meaning full or abundant. 'Plenus' was a word used in Latin to describe a state of being filled to capacity. Over time, as Old French influenced Middle English, 'plentevous' became 'plenteous,' and eventually, in modern English, it transformed into 'plentiful.' Thus, the etymology of 'plentiful' underscores its association with abundance, signifying that something is available in large quantities, ample, or abundant, reflecting its historical roots in Latin and Old French expressions of fullness and plenty.

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Further usage examples of plentiful

1. The buffet spread was plentiful, with a wide range of delicious dishes.
2. The city's parks and green spaces provided plentiful areas for recreation.
3. The bookstore had a plentiful collection of books on various subjects.
4. The museum showcased a plentiful exhibition of artworks from different periods.
5. The holiday season brought plentiful gatherings and celebrations with loved ones.
6. The garden's harvest was plentiful this year.
7. In the forest, wildlife is plentiful and diverse.
8. There's a plentiful supply of fresh water from the well.
9. Our picnic was filled with plentiful snacks and laughter.
10. The farmer's market offers plentiful options for produce.
11. During the migration season, birds are plentiful in the area.
12. The buffet had a plentiful selection of delicious dishes.
13. A plentiful rain brought relief to the drought-stricken region.
14. The library has a plentiful collection of classic literature.
15. In the tropics, fruits are plentiful year-round.
16. The beach was adorned with plentiful seashells.
17. With hard work, opportunities can become plentiful.
18. The museum's exhibits showcase plentiful historical artifacts.
19. Plentiful sunshine brightened up our beach vacation.
20. Plentiful fish in the river made for a successful fishing trip.
21. Plentiful donations supported the local food bank.
22. The fertile soil ensures a plentiful harvest every season.
23. A plentiful amount of data was collected for analysis.
24. The city's parks offer plentiful green spaces for relaxation.
25. Plentiful laughter filled the room during the family reunion.



abundant, scarce, rare, limited


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