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destitution, wealth, affluence, richness


ACT 3 (American College Testing), Middle School 15, Alternative Lifestyles and Poverty



How to pronounce poverty (audio)


Dictionary definition of poverty

The state of being without adequate resources or means to meet basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing.
"The documentary shed light on the harsh realities of poverty in urban areas."

Detailed meaning of poverty

It is often defined as a relative concept, meaning that poverty is not just a lack of income, but rather a condition in which people are unable to meet the minimum standards of living that are considered normal in their society. Poverty is a multifaceted issue that can be caused by a variety of factors such as lack of education, unemployment, poor health, discrimination, and displacement due to war or natural disasters. It can also lead to a range of negative effects such as malnutrition, poor health, and limited access to education and other opportunities. Governments, international organizations and non-profits organizations are working to address poverty through programs such as cash transfers, job creation, and education initiatives.

Example sentences containing poverty

1. Poverty is a pressing issue that affects communities worldwide.
2. The documentary shed light on the harsh realities of urban poverty.
3. Despite their poverty, the family managed to find joy in each other's company.
4. The organization's mission is to alleviate poverty through education and empowerment.
5. The novel portrayed the protagonist's journey from poverty to success.
6. Generous donations from the community helped alleviate poverty in the area.

History and etymology of poverty

The noun 'poverty' has its etymological roots in the Old French word 'poverte,' which itself was derived from the Latin 'paupertas,' meaning 'lack of means' or 'humble circumstances.' 'Poverty' is used to describe the state of being without adequate resources or means to meet basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing. It embodies the concept of economic deprivation and a lack of material wealth, often resulting in difficult living conditions and limited opportunities. 'Poverty' is a universal and enduring societal challenge, and the term serves as a reminder of the ongoing need to address issues of income inequality, social justice, and economic support for vulnerable populations.

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Further usage examples of poverty

1. Poverty often leads to limited access to basic necessities like clean water and food.
2. The government introduced programs to uplift families living in poverty.
3. The poverty rate in the region has been steadily decreasing over the years.
4. The effects of poverty can be seen in the lack of proper healthcare and education.
5. The documentary highlighted the cycle of poverty passed down through generations.
6. The charity focuses on providing job training to help individuals escape poverty.
7. Poverty can lead to feelings of hopelessness and despair.
8. The organization works to address the root causes of poverty rather than just its symptoms.
9. The film portrayed the challenges of breaking free from rural poverty.
10. Despite facing poverty, the community showed incredible resilience and unity.
11. The poverty line is often used as a benchmark to measure economic disparities.
12. The artist's work was inspired by his childhood experiences of poverty.
13. The government's policies have had a significant impact on reducing poverty rates.
14. Through education and empowerment, we can make strides in combating poverty.

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