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How to pronounce sparsity (audio)

Dictionary definition of sparsity

The quality or state of being sparse or thinly scattered.
"He appreciated the sparsity of the countryside after living in a bustling city."

Detailed meaning of sparsity

It describes a condition where there is a scarcity or limited presence of something, whether it be objects, resources, or occurrences. Sparsity implies a low density or a lack of abundance, often characterized by gaps, emptiness, or few and widely dispersed elements. It can be observed in various contexts, such as a sparse population in a remote area, a sparse arrangement of trees in a desert landscape, or a sparse distribution of data points in a statistical analysis. In essence, "sparsity" encapsulates the notion of scarcity or sparseness, highlighting the significant gaps or infrequency within a particular system or set of elements.

Example sentences containing sparsity

1. The sparsity of trees in the desert is quite noticeable.
2. Her garden's sparsity disappointed the visitors.
3. The data set's sparsity required a special analytical approach.
4. The sparsity of the documentation made it difficult to understand the program.
5. Many scientists are working on techniques to handle the sparsity of data in space.
6. The sparsity of rainfall this year has farmers extremely worried.

History and etymology of sparsity

The noun 'sparsity' traces its linguistic roots back to the Latin word 'sparsus,' which means 'scattered' or 'spread out.' Over time, this Latin term evolved into the Old French word 'sparsite,' which retained the notion of being dispersed or thinly spread. Eventually, it found its way into the English language, where it took on the form we now recognize as 'sparsity.' This word aptly captures the essence of a condition or state characterized by scarcity, rareness, or a limited distribution of something, reflecting its origins in the concept of things being sparsely scattered or thinly spread out.

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Further usage examples of sparsity

1. In mathematics, leveraging the sparsity of a matrix can optimize algorithms.
2. The desert's sparsity makes it an ideal location for testing automobiles.
3. The sparse population is referred to as sparsity in demographic studies.
4. In the vast universe, the sparsity of planets like Earth is astonishing.
5. The sparsity of ingredients in the kitchen challenged her creativity.
6. The sparsity of the network connections makes it less vulnerable to attacks.
7. The novel was intriguing but suffered from sparsity in character development.
8. His minimalistic design emphasized the sparsity of elements.
9. The sparsity of traffic at dawn made the drive pleasurable.
10. Sparse coding techniques exploit the sparsity principle to represent signals efficiently.
11. The sparsity of wildlife sightings made the safari disappointing.
12. The sparsity of art pieces made the gallery feel more like a hallway.
13. Utilizing sparsity is an essential part of modern computational optimization.
14. The forest's sparsity allowed sunlight to reach the ground.
15. Desert landscapes are known for their sparsity of vegetation.
16. The sparsity of stars in the city's night sky was striking.
17. In winter, the sparsity of leaves reveals intricate tree branches.
18. Sparsity in the population made the village feel isolated.
19. The sparsity of data made analysis challenging.
20. She appreciated the sparsity of distractions in the remote cabin.
21. The sparsity of resources in the region posed challenges.
22. Sparse furniture added to the minimalist aesthetic's sparsity.
23. Sparse attendance at the meeting surprised the organizers.
24. The sparsity of details left room for imagination to flourish.



scarcity, abundance, plenty, profusion


SAT 3 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Deficiency and Shortage, Size and Amount

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