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How to pronounce preamble (audio)


Dictionary definition of preamble

An introductory statement or explanation, at the beginning of a document or speech, that explains the purpose, context, or background for what follows.
"The preamble of the bill outlined the purpose and intent of the legislation."

Detailed meaning of preamble

It is used to provide context and background information and can be found in a variety of documents such as laws, constitutions, contracts and other formal documents. In a constitution, for example, the preamble sets forth the fundamental principles and values that the document's provisions are meant to protect or promote. In a speech, the preamble is used to introduce the topic and provide an overview of what the speaker will be discussing.

Preambles are also used to convey the intent or purpose of the document or speech, and can provide insight into the author's or speaker's motivation or perspective. It is also used to create a sense of background and context that helps the audience understand the significance of the document or speech.

Example sentences containing preamble

1. The Constitution's preamble outlines the goals of the nation.
2. The book's preamble provides insight into the author's intentions.
3. The meeting began with a brief preamble on the agenda.
4. In her speech, the CEO included a compelling preamble.
5. The treaty's preamble set the stage for diplomatic negotiations.
6. The conference opened with a historical preamble.

History and etymology of preamble

The noun 'preamble' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'praeambulum,' which is a combination of 'prae,' meaning 'before,' and 'ambulum,' meaning 'I walk.' This term originally referred to a prelude or introductory part of a musical composition. Over time, it was adopted into the realm of written documents and speeches to denote an introductory statement or explanation that comes before the main content. A preamble serves to provide context, background, or the purpose of what follows, setting the stage for the reader or audience. The etymology of 'preamble' emphasizes its role as a figurative walk or step taken before delving into the core of a document or speech, helping to guide understanding and interpretation.

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Further usage examples of preamble

1. The movie's preamble introduced the setting and characters.
2. The academic paper's preamble defined the scope of the study.
3. The contract included a lengthy legal preamble.
4. The artist's statement served as a preamble to the exhibition.
5. The presentation started with a captivating preamble.
6. The book's preamble explained the cultural context of the story.
7. The manifesto's preamble outlined the group's principles.
8. The lecture began with a philosophical preamble.
9. The debate started with a passionate preamble from each side.
10. The policy document featured a comprehensive preamble.
11. The event kicked off with a festive preamble.
12. The letter included a personal preamble before the main message.
13. The report's preamble highlighted the significance of the findings.
14. The committee meeting began with a procedural preamble.
15. The preamble of the Constitution sets out the fundamental principles of the government.
16. The despondent salesman was tired and had given up on his preamble.
17. She read the preamble of the treaty before signing it.
18. He included a preamble in his research paper to provide context.
19. She rewrote the preamble of the company's mission statement to make it more concise.
20. The preamble of the speech set the tone for the rest of the address.
21. He added a preamble to the agenda for the meeting.
22. She read the preamble of the novel before diving into the story.
23. The preamble of the will set out the testator's final wishes.
24. He included a preamble in his report to explain the methodology used.
25. She rewrote the preamble of the constitution to make it more inclusive.
26. The preamble of the contract outlined the terms and conditions of the agreement.

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