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How to pronounce prelude (audio)


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Dictionary definition of prelude

An action or event that comes before something more significant or important.
"The preliminary talks were a prelude to the start of formal negotiations."


Detailed meaning of prelude

It serves as a preliminary or introductory event that prepares the way or sets the stage for what is to come. In music, a prelude is a short piece of music that is played before a more substantial composition, serving as an introduction to the main work. In literature, a prelude is a short introduction or opening section that prepares the reader for what is to come. In real life, a prelude can be a series of actions or events that lead up to a major event, such as a war or a revolution. In these cases, the prelude serves as a preparation for the main event, or a warning of what is to come. Overall, the term prelude is used to describe something that serves as a preliminary or preparatory step in the lead up to a more significant event.

Example sentences containing prelude

1. The speech was a prelude to the announcement of a major policy change.
2. An eruption of sectarian violence proved to be the prelude to all-out civil war.
3. The meeting was a prelude to the negotiation of a new contract.
4. The protest was a prelude to a larger demonstration.
5. The announcement was a prelude to a major overhaul of the company's structure.
6. The signing of the agreement was a prelude to the implementation of a new program.

History and etymology of prelude

The noun 'prelude' has an etymology rooted in both Latin and Old French. It can be traced back to the Latin word 'praeludium,' which combines 'prae,' meaning 'before,' and 'ludus,' meaning 'play' or 'game.' This etymological combination reflects the idea of something that comes before a more significant event, akin to a preliminary performance before the main act. In Old French, it evolved into 'preludium,' retaining the same meaning. Over time, as it entered Middle English, it became 'prelude,' maintaining its essence as an action or event that precedes something more significant or important. The etymology of 'prelude' beautifully captures its role in setting the stage or introducing what is to follow, making it a word rich in historical and linguistic resonance.

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Further usage examples of prelude

1. The conference was a prelude to the adoption of a new resolution.
2. The military exercises were a prelude to a potential conflict.
3. The research was a prelude to the development of a new technology.
4. The rally was a prelude to a general strike.
5. The agreement was a prelude to the end of a long-standing dispute.
6. The first act was a prelude to a full-fledged theatrical production.
7. The calm before the storm is often a prelude to chaos and uncertainty.
8. Their informal meeting served as a prelude to formal negotiations between the two companies.
9. The haunting melody of the prelude set the emotional tone for the entire classical concert.
10. The enigmatic prelude hinted at the mystery and intrigue that would unfold in the novel.
11. The first chapter of the book serves as a prelude, introducing the reader to the characters and setting the stage for the plot.
12. Their initial handshake was a symbolic prelude to their long-lasting partnership in the business world.
13. The prelude in the book effectively foreshadowed the central conflict that would drive the story.
14. The prelude to the awards ceremony was filled with excitement and anticipation among the nominees.
15. Their quiet conversation was a poignant prelude to the emotional breakup that followed.
16. The tense and suspenseful prelude to the battle heightened the intensity of the impending conflict.
17. The prelude of the play introduced the audience to the main characters and their relationships.
18. The captivating prelude to the speech immediately grabbed the audience's attention.
19. The historical prelude in the film provided essential context for the unfolding events.
20. Their shared laughter served as a heartwarming prelude to a joyful and memorable evening.
21. The meticulous planning and preparation served as the necessary prelude to the successful project execution.
22. The prelude to the wedding day was filled with anticipation, with both bride and groom eagerly awaiting the ceremony.
23. For many families, decorating the Christmas tree is the cherished prelude to the holiday season.
24. Overcoming challenges and setbacks is often the prelude to achieving lasting success.
25. The long-awaited departure of the ship served as the prelude to their exciting journey to exotic destinations.
26. The prelude to the heated debate highlighted the key issues that would be discussed in detail during the session.



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