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How to pronounce preliminary (audio)


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Dictionary definition of preliminary

Done or created in advance of a more complete or final version.
"The preliminary hearing will determine whether the case goes to trial."

Detailed meaning of preliminary

It is often used to describe a preliminary step or stage in a process, such as a preliminary investigation, report, or analysis. A preliminary action is typically taken to provide a general overview or initial assessment of a situation before proceeding to a more in-depth examination. Preliminary findings or conclusions are not intended to be final, but rather serve as a starting point for further research or analysis. The term "preliminary" can also be used to describe something that is introductory or preparatory in nature, such as a preliminary discussion or meeting. Overall, the adjective "preliminary" suggests a preliminary, initial or preparatory stage of a larger process or task.

Example sentences containing preliminary

1. The team conducted preliminary research before the project.
2. She presented her preliminary findings at the conference.
3. The preliminary sketches laid the foundation for the artwork.
4. A preliminary assessment of the situation is underway.
5. They completed a preliminary analysis of the data.
6. The preliminary results indicate a positive trend.

History and etymology of preliminary

The adjective 'preliminary' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'praemissus,' which is a combination of 'prae,' meaning 'before,' and 'missus,' meaning 'sent' or 'dispatched.' In its original Latin form, 'preliminary' referred to something that was sent or done before the main event or action. Over time, it evolved to describe anything done or created in advance of a more complete or final version, emphasizing its connection to preparatory or introductory actions taken before a significant event or process. This etymology highlights the concept of laying the groundwork or making preparations in advance, mirroring its Latin origins.

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Further usage examples of preliminary

1. The preliminary report will guide further investigations.
2. Her preliminary interview led to a job offer.
3. The preliminary stage of the competition was challenging.
4. Preliminary tests showed promising results.
5. The preliminary design phase is almost complete.
6. We need to finalize the preliminary budget.
7. Preliminary discussions will shape the future negotiations.
8. The preliminary round of auditions was competitive.
9. He drafted a preliminary outline for the project.
10. The preliminary diagnosis was inconclusive.
11. The preliminary plan will guide the construction process.
12. Preliminary exams will determine eligibility for the program.
13. They provided a preliminary estimate for the renovation.
14. The preliminary assessment will identify potential risks.
15. The team conducted a preliminary study to gather information.
16. The preliminary results suggest a positive trend in sales.
17. The athlete has passed the preliminary rounds of the competition.
18. We need to conduct a preliminary investigation to gather evidence.
19. The company released a preliminary version of their new software.
20. The committee held a preliminary meeting to discuss the agenda.
21. The preliminary report outlines the key findings of the investigation.
22. The preliminary diagnosis is that the patient has a viral infection.
23. The artist created a preliminary sketch before starting the final painting.
24. The preliminary budget for the project has been approved.
25. The preliminary analysis suggests that more data is needed to draw conclusions.



initial, final, concluding, terminal


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