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How to pronounce predispose (audio)


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Dictionary definition of predispose

To make someone more likely or inclined to have a particular feeling, condition, or tendency.
"Genetic factors can predispose some individuals to certain diseases."

Detailed meaning of predispose

It refers to a tendency or bias that someone may have toward a particular outcome or situation, often as a result of past experiences, upbringing, or genetics. For example, someone may be predisposed to anxiety due to a family history of mental illness, or be predisposed to a certain political viewpoint based on their upbringing. Predisposition can also refer to a biological or physiological tendency, such as being predisposed to a certain disease based on genetic factors. The term is often used in medicine and psychology to describe a person's susceptibility to a particular condition or disorder. By understanding and recognizing predisposition, people can take steps to prevent or manage related health problems, or work to overcome biases and prejudices.

Example sentences containing predispose

1. His family history of heart disease may predispose him to cardiovascular issues.
2. The constant exposure to secondhand smoke can predispose people to respiratory problems.
3. Certain lifestyle choices can predispose individuals to obesity.
4. Early childhood experiences can predispose someone to develop trust issues.
5. The lack of proper nutrition can predispose children to stunted growth.
6. Environmental factors can predispose individuals to allergies.

History and etymology of predispose

The verb 'predispose' has its etymology rooted in Latin. It is formed from the prefix 'pre-' (meaning 'before' or 'in advance') and the Latin word 'disponere' (meaning 'to arrange' or 'to place'). Therefore, 'predispose' etymologically signifies arranging or placing something before or in advance. Over time, this word evolved to describe the act of making someone more likely or inclined to have a particular feeling, condition, or tendency, often due to factors that precede or set the stage for such outcomes. The etymology of 'predispose' underscores the idea of a pre-existing arrangement or condition that increases the likelihood of a specific outcome, emphasizing the influence of prior factors in shaping an individual's predisposition.

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Further usage examples of predispose

1. Certain personality traits can predispose someone to anxiety disorders.
2. Childhood trauma can predispose individuals to develop post-traumatic stress disorder.
3. The use of excessive force can predispose an individual to resistance or retaliation.
4. Poor financial management can predispose someone to debt and financial instability.
5. Chronic stress can predispose individuals to mental health disorders.
6. Overexposure to loud noises can predispose individuals to hearing loss.
7. Insufficient sleep can predispose individuals to various health problems.
8. Unhealthy eating habits can predispose people to nutritional deficiencies.
9. Lack of exercise can predispose individuals to weight gain and related health issues.
10. Exposure to certain chemicals can predispose individuals to allergic reactions.
11. Growing up in a violent environment can predispose someone to aggressive behavior.
12. Prolonged sitting can predispose individuals to poor posture and back pain.
13. Certain genetic mutations can predispose individuals to an increased risk of cancer.
14. Genetics can predispose individuals to certain health conditions.
15. Lack of exercise may predispose you to weight gain.
16. Childhood experiences can predispose people to anxiety.
17. Smoking can predispose you to respiratory problems.
18. Poor diet choices can predispose you to chronic diseases.
19. Environmental factors can predispose children to allergies.
20. Genetics may predispose some to a love of music.
21. Family history can predispose one to heart disease.
22. Traumatic events can predispose individuals to PTSD.
23. Early exposure to books can predispose kids to love reading.
24. A positive mindset can predispose you to happiness.



incline, dissuade, prevent, discourage


Prefix pre-, ACT 15 (American College Testing), High School 5, Temperament and Disposition

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