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How to pronounce preposterous (audio)

Dictionary definition of preposterous

Utterly absurd, illogical, or contrary to reason or common sense to such an extreme degree that it is difficult to take seriously.
"She thought his excuse for being late was preposterous."

Detailed meaning of preposterous

When something is characterized as preposterous, it implies a level of ridiculousness or incredibility that defies the bounds of rationality or believability. This term can apply to various contexts, such as a preposterous claim that stretches the limits of credulity, a preposterous idea that goes against established facts, or a preposterous situation that is so bizarre and implausible that it challenges one's ability to make sense of it. "Preposterous" underscores the idea of something being patently unreasonable or foolish, often prompting disbelief or amusement due to its sheer absurdity.

Example sentences containing preposterous

1. The idea of a talking cat seemed utterly preposterous to the children.
2. His excuse for being late was so preposterous that no one believed him.
3. The conspiracy theory they shared was nothing short of preposterous.
4. The notion that pigs could fly was dismissed as preposterous.
5. Her preposterous claim that she had met a unicorn raised eyebrows.
6. The preposterous plot twist in the movie left audiences bewildered.

History and etymology of preposterous

The adjective 'preposterous' has its roots in Latin, originating from the word 'praeposterus,' which is a combination of 'prae,' meaning 'before,' and 'posterus,' meaning 'coming after.' In its original Latin usage, 'praeposterus' referred to something that was inverted or contrary to the natural or expected order of things, similar to putting the cart before the horse. Over time, this notion of absurdity and illogicality became associated with the term, and 'preposterous' emerged in the English language to describe ideas, actions, or statements that are so utterly absurd, illogical, or contrary to reason that they are difficult to take seriously. The etymology of 'preposterous' highlights its historical connection to concepts of reversed or inverted order, emphasizing the extremity of its absurdity.

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Further usage examples of preposterous

1. It's preposterous to think that the Earth is flat in this day and age.
2. His preposterous fashion choices always turned heads on the street.
3. The preposterous size of the burger challenged even the hungriest diner.
4. The preposterous rumor about the principal's secret life spread like wildfire.
5. The preposterous amount of homework left students overwhelmed.
6. The preposterous challenges on the reality show kept viewers entertained.
7. Their preposterous attempts at DIY home repairs ended in disaster.
8. The preposterous logic behind his argument left everyone baffled.
9. The preposterous cost of the luxury car was beyond most people's reach.
10. Her preposterous claim to have won the lottery raised suspicions.
11. The preposterous demands of the diva made the production chaotic.
12. The preposterous theory about alien abductions was met with skepticism.
13. The preposterous size of the fish he caught was a fisherman's dream.
14. The preposterous excuse for missing work left the boss fuming.
15. Their preposterous dance moves were a hit at the party.
16. The preposterous twists in the mystery novel kept readers guessing.
17. The preposterous plot of the science fiction movie was pure escapism.
18. His preposterous bet with his friend led to unexpected consequences.
19. The preposterous amount of paperwork required for the project was overwhelming.



ludicrous, sensible, rational, reasonable


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