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foolish, sensible, wise, prudent


SAT 13 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Deficiency and Shortage, Naivety and Stupidity



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Dictionary definition of asinine

Exceedingly foolish, absurd, or utterly lacking in common sense.
"It turned out to be an asinine decision to decriminalise drugs in the city."

Detailed meaning of asinine

When an action, behavior, or statement is labeled as asinine, it typically implies a level of irrationality or stupidity that is both conspicuous and often frustrating. This term is employed to criticize actions or ideas that are not only illogical but also demonstrate a complete disregard for reason or intelligence. It can refer to actions that are senseless, nonsensical, or even comically foolish, often evoking exasperation or disbelief. In essence, "asinine" is a strongly derogatory term used to highlight the sheer lack of sound judgment or wisdom in a given situation or behavior.

Example sentences containing asinine

1. The audience laughed when the contestant gave an asinine answer.
2. She couldn't believe the asinine statement he had made on national television.
3. Over the years she had learned to filter his asinine remarks.
4. The boy's asinine excuse required almost no thought or imagination.
5. His asinine comment made everyone in the room roll their eyes.
6. She couldn't believe he had made such an asinine mistake.

History and etymology of asinine

The adjective 'asinine' has a colorful etymology rooted in the Latin word 'asinus,' which simply means 'donkey' or 'ass.' The term 'asinine' evolved from comparisons between donkeys and human behavior, particularly in the sense of being stubborn, foolish, or slow-witted, as donkeys were sometimes perceived as obstinate and not the brightest of animals. Over time, 'asinine' came to describe actions or qualities that were exceedingly foolish, absurd, or utterly lacking in common sense, drawing upon the humorous connection between human behavior and the sometimes comical reputation of donkeys. This etymology reflects the linguistic tendency to use animal comparisons to convey specific traits or behaviors, even when the comparison might not be entirely fair to the animal in question.

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Further usage examples of asinine

1. The asinine proposal was met with laughter and ridicule.
2. He was known for making asinine jokes that nobody found funny.
3. The asinine decision to cut funding for the program was met with outrage.
4. The asinine behavior of the group of tourists caused a scene at the restaurant.
5. His asinine suggestion to solve the problem was met with disbelief.
6. She couldn't help but laugh at the asinine prank her friends had played on her.
7. His asinine comments caused considerable offense to everyone in the room.
8. The asinine actions of the government officials were met with widespread criticism.
9. He couldn't believe she had fallen for such an asinine scam.
10. The asinine rules of the game made it almost impossible to play.
11. His asinine remarks during the meeting left everyone baffled.
12. Making such an asinine decision could have serious consequences.
13. I can't believe she fell for that asinine internet hoax.
14. The asinine behavior of the pranksters annoyed their classmates.
15. It's asinine to drive without a seatbelt for safety.
16. His asinine excuses for being late were unbelievable.
17. The asinine idea of jumping off the roof was quickly dismissed.
18. Making fun of someone's appearance is simply asinine.
19. The asinine errors in the report were embarrassing.
20. He regretted his asinine comment as soon as he said it.
21. The asinine graffiti on the wall was an eyesore.
22. Her asinine attempts at humor often fell flat.
23. I can't tolerate his asinine sense of entitlement.
24. Believing in conspiracy theories is utterly asinine.

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