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How to pronounce prerogative (audio)


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Dictionary definition of prerogative

A right or privilege that is reserved for a specific group or individual.
"The patient has the prerogative to choose their own treatment."

Detailed meaning of prerogative

It can also refer to a discretionary power or authority to make decisions or take actions without consulting others. In legal terms, prerogative refers to certain powers that are held by the monarch or government, such as the power to grant pardons or the power to issue proclamations. In everyday language, the term prerogative is often used to describe a privilege or advantage that is exclusive to a particular person or group. It is also used to describe an action or decision that is taken without consulting or seeking the approval of others.

Example sentences containing prerogative

1. It is the prerogative of the board to approve the budget.
2. The president has the prerogative to veto the bill.
3. The prerogative of the jury is to decide the verdict.
4. It is the prerogative of the parents to choose the education for their children.
5. The company's prerogative is to maximize profits.
6. It is the prerogative of the employee to choose their benefits.

History and etymology of prerogative

The noun 'prerogative' has its etymological roots in the Latin term 'praerogativa,' which referred to a privilege or right that was granted to certain individuals or groups. The Latin word 'praerogativa' was originally used in the context of Roman elections to describe the privilege of certain citizens, known as 'praerogativi,' who were allowed to vote first and thus had an influential role in the outcome of the election. Over time, the term 'prerogative' transitioned into English and came to denote a special right or privilege that is reserved for a specific group or individual. The etymology of 'prerogative' underscores its historical connection to the idea of exclusive privileges and the notion that some individuals or entities have unique rights or advantages that set them apart from others.

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Further usage examples of prerogative

1. The teacher has the prerogative to assign the grades.
2. The prerogative of the CEO is to make strategic decisions for the company.
3. It is the prerogative of the homeowner to decorate their own home.
4. The prerogative of the artist is to express themselves in their own way.
5. The manager took the prerogative to make the decision without consulting others.
6. In a democracy, voting is a fundamental prerogative of citizens.
7. Academic freedom is a professor's prerogative in research and teaching.
8. Allocating funds is the government's prerogative to support public programs.
9. The team captain has the prerogative to make game-time decisions.
10. The landlord has the prerogative to set rent prices based on market conditions.
11. It's the director's prerogative to cast actors in a film that suits the story.
12. The shareholder's prerogative is to vote on important company matters.
13. The monarch's prerogative is to grant pardons to convicted individuals.
14. Personal style is an individual's prerogative, expressing their unique identity.
15. The CEO exercises her prerogative to set the company's strategic direction.
16. It's a teacher's prerogative to assign homework to reinforce learning.
17. The president has the prerogative to veto legislation passed by Congress.
18. The board of directors holds the prerogative to appoint a new CEO.
19. Management has the prerogative to make hiring decisions based on qualifications.
20. Freedom of speech is a cherished prerogative that ensures open discourse.
21. The chef's prerogative is to create innovative and appealing dishes.
22. The court has the prerogative to interpret and apply the law in cases.
23. Negotiating the terms of a contract is the seller's prerogative.
24. Parental prerogative allows for discipline and guidance in child-rearing.
25. It's your prerogative to choose a career path that aligns with your goals.



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