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How to pronounce probity (audio)


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Dictionary definition of probity

The quality or state of having strong moral principles and integrity in one's actions and character.
"The journalist's probity and dedication to the truth earned her a Pulitzer Prize."

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Detailed meaning of probity

It signifies an unwavering commitment to honesty, righteousness, and ethical behavior in all aspects of life, including personal, professional, and social spheres. Individuals known for their probity are widely respected and trusted due to their consistent adherence to moral values and their resistance to corruption or dishonesty. Organizations and institutions also strive to uphold a reputation for probity to ensure that their actions and decisions are characterized by transparency, fairness, and ethical conduct. In essence, probity is a steadfast commitment to doing what is right, just, and morally upright, regardless of external pressures or temptations to act otherwise.

Example sentences containing probity

1. Her probity and honesty earned her the trust of everyone around her.
2. The company's success was built on a foundation of probity.
3. In leadership, probity is as valuable as competence.
4. The politician's probity stood out in a sea of corruption.
5. A person of probity will always choose the ethical path.
6. The probity of his character was evident in every decision he made.

History and etymology of probity

The noun 'probity' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'probitas,' which is related to 'probus' (meaning 'upright' or 'honest'). In ancient Rome, 'probitas' was used to describe the quality of being upright, honest, and morally sound. Over time, this Latin term made its way into English as 'probity,' retaining its sense of having strong moral principles and integrity in one's actions and character. The etymology of 'probity' effectively captures its historical association with the concept of moral uprightness and honesty, emphasizing its role as a noun used to describe the quality or state of possessing unwavering ethical principles and integrity.

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Further usage examples of probity

1. Trust is the currency of probity in business.
2. The team's success was attributed to its collective probity.
3. Legal professionals are held to high standards of probity.
4. Probity is a non-negotiable requirement for public servants.
5. A reputation for probity is a priceless asset.
6. Ethical conduct is a manifestation of one's probity.
7. The probity of the judicial system is crucial for justice.
8. An organization's probity is reflected in its corporate culture.
9. Leaders must lead with probity to inspire trust.
10. The probity of his actions was beyond reproach.
11. We should celebrate and promote probity in society.
12. Probity is a guiding principle in his life.
13. The probity of his character was his most cherished possession.
14. In times of moral ambiguity, probity lights the way.
15. The company's reputation for probity and fairness helped it attract and retain top talent.
16. The politician was known for his probity and commitment to public service, earning the respect of his constituents.
17. The judge's probity and impartiality ensured that justice was served in the courtroom.
18. The lawyer was admired for her probity and honesty, even in the face of pressure from opposing counsel.
19. The CEO's probity and transparency helped the company weather a major scandal.
20. The professor's probity and intellectual rigor made her a sought-after mentor and advisor.
21. The diplomat's probity and tact helped her navigate complex international negotiations.
22. The doctor's probity and commitment to patient care made her a beloved member of the community.
23. The financial analyst's probity and expertise helped her guide her clients to successful investments.
24. The artist's probity and creativity made her a leading figure in the contemporary art scene.
25. The athlete's probity and sportsmanship earned him the admiration of fans and competitors alike.



integrity, dishonesty, deceit, corruption


Admiration and Respect, Behavior and Conduct, Certainty and Conviction, Choices and Decisions, Dedication and Devotion, Command and Constraint, Devotion and Discipline, Morality and Influence

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