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predictive, uninformative, unaware, ignorant


Announcement and Declaration, Prediction and Foresight, Forecasts and Predictions



How to pronounce prophetic (audio)


Dictionary definition of prophetic

Having the ability to predict or foresee future events or trends.
"The author's novel was considered prophetic in its portrayal of society."

Detailed meaning of prophetic

It is often used to describe individuals, works of literature, or statements that have accurately predicted or anticipated significant events before they occur. A prophetic statement may have a profound impact on the way people think or behave, influencing their actions in anticipation of what is to come. The word "prophetic" can also refer to a sense of inspired guidance, or a divine revelation, that provides insight into the nature of the world or the future. In short, the term "prophetic" connotes a deep insight into the nature of reality that is both insightful and visionary.

Example sentences containing prophetic

1. The painting was described as prophetic in its depiction of the future.
2. The prophet's words were considered prophetic by his followers.
3. The old woman's dream was seen as prophetic by the villagers.
4. The painting was described as prophetic in its depiction of the future.
5. The scientist's predictions were surprisingly prophetic.
6. The musician's lyrics were deemed prophetic by fans.

History and etymology of prophetic

The adjective 'prophetic' is closely tied to the concept of prophecy and has its origins in ancient Greek. It is derived from the Greek word 'prophētikos,' which combines 'pro,' meaning 'before,' and 'phētikos,' derived from 'phēmē,' meaning 'spoken word' or 'expression.' In ancient Greece, something described as 'prophētikos' was related to or characteristic of a prophet or their predictions. Prophets were believed to have the ability to foresee and speak about future events, often guided by divine inspiration. As the term transitioned into the English language, 'prophetic' retained its connection to the act of predicting or foreseeing future events or trends. It conveys the idea of having insight or foresight that goes beyond the ordinary, harkening back to the ancient Greek belief in prophetic abilities and divine communication.

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Further usage examples of prophetic

1. The activists believed that their cause was prophetic in its mission to bring change.
2. The film was considered prophetic in its warning of the consequences of technology.
3. The teacher's words were prophetic in their encouragement for the students.
4. The fortune teller's reading was regarded as prophetic by the client.
5. The monk's visions were seen as prophetic by the community.
6. The business leader's foresight was considered prophetic in his industry.
7. The movie became famous for its prophetic depiction of modern life.
8. Her prophetic dreams left everyone astonished, predicting future events with uncanny accuracy.
9. The scientist's prophetic insights revolutionized the industry, foreseeing groundbreaking discoveries.
10. His prophetic wisdom guided the nation, foreseeing challenges and opportunities on the horizon.
11. The astrologer's prophetic accuracy improved, providing invaluable guidance to clients.
12. A prophetic voice in literature foreshadowed societal changes, resonating with readers.
13. The prophetic painting captured the zeitgeist, offering a glimpse into future artistic trends.
14. His prophetic vision warned of impending crisis, urging preparedness and action.
15. The mentor's prophetic guidance empowered generations, foreseeing their potential.
16. A prophetic message in music resonated worldwide, predicting cultural shifts.
17. The historian's prophetic insight unveiled hidden truths, shedding light on historical events.
18. The prophet's prophetic words guided the nation's destiny, foreseeing challenges and triumphs.
19. Her prophetic dreams offered glimpses of the future, providing both solace and forewarning.
20. The artist's prophetic painting captured the spirit of the age, predicting trends in art.
21. A prophetic novel foretold societal changes, sparking conversations about its vision.
22. The scientist's prophetic insights led to groundbreaking discoveries, revolutionizing the field.
23. His prophetic analysis of market trends helped investors navigate uncertainty.
24. The astrologer's prophetic accuracy drew clients seeking guidance for their futures.
25. A prophetic message in music resonated deeply, predicting cultural shifts.
26. The historian's prophetic interpretation unveiled hidden stories from the past.
27. The mentor's prophetic advice empowered generations, foreseeing their potential.

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