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How to pronounce prescient (audio)

Dictionary definition of prescient

Having the ability to predict or foresee future events or trends.
"His prescient insights into the stock market allowed him to make a fortune."

Detailed meaning of prescient

It implies a sense of foresight or clairvoyance, and suggests that the person or thing in question is able to anticipate future developments with a high degree of accuracy. For example, a prescient investor might be one who is able to accurately predict market trends and make profitable investments accordingly, while a prescient scientist might be one who is able to predict the direction of future research and development in a particular field. The term 'prescient' can also be used to describe a particular quality or characteristic that is marked by a keen sense of anticipation or foresight, such as a prescient intuition or a prescient insight. Overall, the term 'prescient' is used to describe someone or something that has an exceptional ability to predict or foresee future events or trends, and is often associated with the idea of foresight or clairvoyance.

Example sentences containing prescient

1. The philosopher described a vividly prescient vision of the world.
2. His prescient predictions about the future of technology were uncannily accurate.
3. She had a prescient ability to sense impending danger.
4. Her prescient foresight saved the company from bankruptcy.
5. His prescient understanding of global politics helped him navigate the complex landscape.
6. She had a prescient ability to anticipate her opponents' moves in chess.

History and etymology of prescient

The adjective 'prescient' is rooted in Latin and traces its origins to the word 'praescientia,' which combines 'prae' meaning 'before' and 'scientia' meaning 'knowledge.' This term referred to foreknowledge or the ability to know beforehand. Over time, 'prescient' emerged in English to describe individuals or things that possess the remarkable ability to predict or foresee future events or trends with a degree of accuracy. It conveys the notion of having knowledge or insight ahead of time, making it an apt descriptor for those who seem to possess a heightened understanding of what lies ahead. Thus, the etymology of 'prescient' underscores its historical connection to the idea of knowing in advance or having foresight regarding future occurrences.

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Further usage examples of prescient

1. His prescient decision to invest in renewable energy paid off in the long run.
2. Her prescient planning allowed her to avoid the traffic and arrive on time.
3. His prescient vision for the company led to its unprecedented growth.
4. She had a prescient understanding of the fashion industry and knew what styles would be popular.
5. His prescient analysis of the housing market helped him make a killing in real estate.
6. She had a prescient ability to predict the outcome of elections and political events.
7. His prescient insights into technology trends guided the company to success.
8. The prescient author's book eerily foreshadowed societal shifts.
9. She possessed a prescient understanding of market dynamics.
10. The scientist's prescient theories revolutionized their field.
11. Their prescient investment decisions yielded remarkable returns.
12. The leader's prescient strategic planning secured long-term growth.
13. The artist's prescient work anticipated cultural changes.
14. His prescient analysis of economic data predicted the recession.
15. The entrepreneur's prescient innovation disrupted the market.
16. The politician's prescient policies steered the nation through crises.
17. Her prescient insights into consumer behavior shaped marketing strategies.
18. The doctor's prescient diagnosis allowed for early treatment.
19. The coach's prescient game plan led to an unexpected victory.
20. The investor's prescient stock picks generated substantial wealth.
21. The teacher's prescient curriculum prepared students for future challenges.
22. The futurist's prescient predictions influenced policy decisions.
23. The inventor's prescient invention transformed daily life.
24. The prophet's prescient words continue to resonate with believers.
25. The historian's prescient analysis sheds light on historical mysteries.
26. The leader's prescient vision inspired generations to come.



foresighted, unaware, shortsighted, oblivious


Prefix pre-, Devotion and Discipline, Inquiry and Insight, Prediction and Foresight, Insight and Intelligence

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