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How to pronounce prudish (audio)


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Dictionary definition of prudish

Displaying excessive or exaggerated modesty, propriety, or a strict adherence to conservative moral standards.
"His prudish upbringing made him uncomfortable discussing topics related to sexuality."

Detailed meaning of prudish

A prudish individual may have a tendency to be easily shocked or offended by matters related to sexuality, nudity, or any behavior that deviates from conventional societal norms. They often uphold traditional values and may exhibit discomfort or disapproval towards discussions or actions that they perceive as inappropriate or immoral. Prudishness can manifest in a variety of contexts, including social interactions, cultural expressions, or personal beliefs. However, it is important to note that prudishness is subjective and can vary across cultures and individuals. While some may view prudishness as a virtue or a way to preserve decency, others may see it as a hindrance to open-mindedness and personal freedom.

Example sentences containing prudish

1. The prudish librarian glared at the teen's selection of edgy novels with disdain.
2. Jane's prudish nature made discussing intimate topics a bit uncomfortable for her.
3. Wearing a full-length dress, Ella felt prudish at the summery beach gathering.
4. His prudish behavior was obvious when he avoided convos about relationships.
5. People often misunderstood Lisa's prudish ways as snobbery or arrogance.
6. A prudish society may restrict creative arts, deeming them improper or indecent.

History and etymology of prudish

The adjective 'prudish' derives its etymological roots from the word 'prude,' which originally came from the French word 'prude,' meaning 'a modest or virtuous woman.' The term 'prude' in French is thought to have been influenced by the Latin 'prudens,' which means 'sensible' or 'wise.' Over time, 'prude' evolved to describe a person, often a woman, who displayed excessive or exaggerated modesty, propriety, or a strict adherence to conservative moral standards. Therefore, 'prudish' developed as an adjective to describe the characteristic behavior of such individuals, emphasizing their overly cautious or reserved approach to matters of modesty and propriety, often to the point of being perceived as excessive or rigid in their adherence to moral norms.

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Further usage examples of prudish

1. Mark’s prudish tendencies made him blush at even the mildest adult jokes.
2. The novel's prudish protagonist frowned upon the town's lively, liberal spirit.
3. Prudish attitudes in the community led to strict, conservative social norms.
4. Living in a conservative town, her prudish upbringing was no surprise to anyone.
5. The teacher, prudish in nature, avoided discussions involving romantic themes.
6. Grandma's prudish ways made our convos about love awkward and superficial.
7. In a prudish society, certain arts and expressions can be unexpectedly taboo.
8. Her prudish disposition made her unpopular amongst the more liberal crowd.
9. The prudish school board banned many classic novels, deeming them inappropriate.
10. Jane, prudish and conservative, avoided topics that ventured beyond the basic.
11. Being prudish, he blushed every time romance scenes appeared in movies.
12. Prudish norms governed the small town, stifling the youth’s expressive freedom.
13. A prudish mentality can sometimes hinder open, constructive dialogue on sex.
14. Prudish elders often clashed with the youth, breeding a culture of repression.
15. "Too revealing," the prudish aunt declared, eyeing her niece's prom dress.
16. With prudish restraint, he nervously skirted around the topic of intimacy.
17. Her prudish outlook was clear when she skipped the chapter on human sexuality.
18. "It's immodest," the prudish man exclaimed, eyeing modern fashion trends.
19. The film, racy by 1950s standards, would seem tame to all but the most prudish.
20. Prudish minds found fault in the art, unable to see past bare skin depicted.
21. The prudish critic panned the movie for its explicit content and bold themes.
22. John, though prudish, couldn't deny the artistry in the provocative paintings.
23. Some prudish viewers may find the play's frank discussion of sex unsettling.
24. The prudish hostess was scandalized by the risqué jokes at the dinner party.



puritanical, liberal, permissive, open-minded


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