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How to pronounce quarrelsome (audio)


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Dictionary definition of quarrelsome

Prone to engaging in arguments, disputes, or conflicts.
"His quarrelsome attitude alienated him from his friends and colleagues."

Detailed meaning of quarrelsome

It characterizes individuals who have a contentious or confrontational nature, often displaying a readiness to provoke or engage in verbal or physical altercations. Quarrelsome individuals tend to be argumentative, easily provoked, and quick to engage in verbal sparring or disagreements with others. They may exhibit a combative attitude, often seeking out or provoking conflicts rather than seeking peaceful resolutions. The adjective "quarrelsome" suggests a disposition towards conflict, disagreement, or discord, indicating a tendency to engage in quarrels or disputes rather than maintaining harmony or seeking compromise.

Example sentences containing quarrelsome

1. The quarrelsome child always argued, making playground time less enjoyable.
2. Our new neighbor is quite quarrelsome; always ready for a heated argument.
3. Sadly, their quarrelsome nature led to constant disputes in the peaceful village.
4. The quarrelsome lawyer was infamous for turning small issues into big dramas.
5. Birds sang, unbothered by the quarrelsome couple arguing in the park again.
6. "Avoid being quarrelsome," the teacher advised, urging respect for all views.

History and etymology of quarrelsome

The adjective 'quarrelsome' derives from the noun 'quarrel' and the suffix '-some.' As explained earlier, 'quarrel' has its roots in Middle English and was influenced by the Old French word 'querele,' which ultimately came from the Latin 'querela,' meaning a complaint or lamentation. When combined with the suffix '-some,' which is used to form adjectives indicating a tendency or inclination, 'quarrelsome' is formed. Thus, 'quarrelsome' etymologically conveys the idea of being prone to engaging in arguments, disputes, or conflicts. It describes individuals or entities that have a disposition toward quarreling or contentious behavior, emphasizing their readiness to enter into disagreements or disputes with others. This term reflects the enduring aspect of human nature when it comes to interpersonal conflicts.

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Further usage examples of quarrelsome

1. With a quarrelsome spirit, he seemed to thrive amidst endless confrontations.
2. She's bright but quarrelsome, always in the midst of some heated debate.
3. The quarrelsome employee often disrupted our otherwise peaceful office space.
4. His quarrelsome demeanor didn’t suit the harmonious environment of the choir.
5. She had a quarrelsome reputation, clashing with peers at every meeting.
6. Quarrelsome students made the teacher’s job more challenging than enjoyable.
7. Politics can be draining, especially when dealing with quarrelsome individuals.
8. I tried to avoid the quarrelsome shop owner who always picked a fight.
9. Living with a quarrelsome person requires patience and excellent communication.
10. The quarrelsome cat hissed and spat, unwilling to share space with others.
11. Quarrelsome debates filled the air, leaving the room charged with tension.
12. One quarrelsome guest can turn a joyful wedding into an unforgettable drama.
13. They had a quarrelsome neighbor who complained about every little noise.
14. The council was quarrelsome, making decisions slowly and inefficiently.
15. A quarrelsome mood permeated the meeting, stalling constructive dialogue.
16. Quarrelsome characters in novels make the plot captivating and unpredictable.
17. Amidst harmonious birdsong, the quarrelsome duo’s harsh words seemed out of place.
18. The team lost games because of one quarrelsome player's disruptive attitude.
19. In a peaceful forest, the quarrelsome siblings’ noise was distinctly jarring.
20. She tried to mediate, but the quarrelsome group rejected any compromise.
21. The quarrelsome old man found fault in every proposal presented to him.
22. My cat’s quarrelsome mood today has kept the other pets on edge and alert.
23. Being quarrelsome is draining; seeking understanding is more fulfilling.
24. A quarrelsome debate filled the hall, voices loud with intense disagreement.



argumentative, agreeable, amiable, peaceful


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