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confrontational, peaceful, agreeable, conciliatory



How to pronounce combative (audio)

Dictionary definition of combative

Aggressive, argumentative, or confrontational in behavior or attitude.
"The minister was in a combative mood after sensing a political victory."

Detailed meaning of combative

It implies a readiness to engage in conflict or to defend oneself aggressively, and suggests that the person in question is willing to take a confrontational approach in order to achieve their goals or protect their interests. A combative person might be described as contentious, belligerent, or quarrelsome, and might be prone to picking fights or engaging in heated arguments. The term 'combative' can also be used to describe a situation or environment that is characterized by conflict or tension, such as a political campaign or a legal dispute. Overall, the term 'combative' is used to describe someone who is aggressive or confrontational in their behavior or attitude, and who is willing to engage in conflict or take a confrontational approach in order to achieve their goals or protect their interests.

Example sentences of combative

1. His combative attitude made it hard for him to work with others.
2. She had a combative personality and always argued with her coworkers.
3. He was known for his combative approach to negotiations.
4. The combative tone of the meeting made it difficult to come to a decision.
5. He became combative when confronted about his behavior.
6. The combative nature of the sport made it appealing to some people.

History and etymology of combative

The adjective 'combative' has its roots in the Latin word 'combatus,' which is the past participle of 'combatere,' meaning 'to beat together' or 'to contend with.' This Latin term implies a sense of conflict and struggle. Over time, as Latin evolved into various Romance languages and eventually into English, 'combative' emerged to describe individuals or attitudes that are aggressive, argumentative, or confrontational in behavior. The term retains its connection to the notion of contending or battling with others, reflecting the disposition of those who are inclined to engage in disputes or conflicts.

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Further usage examples of combative

1. She was surprised by how combative her normally passive friend had become.
2. His combative stance on the issue made it hard for the group to reach a compromise.
3. The combative attitude of the team made it difficult to maintain a positive dynamic.
4. The combative style of the game made it more exciting to watch.
5. She learned not to frustrate her husband when he was in a combative mood.
6. He softened when his wife was in a combative mood.
7. He made very few friends with his combative manner.
8. He channeled his combative nature into competitive sports.
9. He became combative when his neighbor walked onto his property.
10. The prosecutor conducted the cross-examination in a combative and intimidating style.
11. The staff were in a combative mood after receiving no pay for their work.
12. Her tough combative spirit saw her through the difficult challenge.
13. His combative attitude in the meeting escalated tensions unnecessarily.
14. The combative boxer never backed down from a challenge.
15. The politician's combative rhetoric divided the nation.
16. A combative approach is rarely productive in negotiations.
17. Her combative tone made it difficult to have a civil conversation.
18. The combative student frequently clashed with his peers.
19. The team's combative spirit fueled their competitive edge.
20. Combative behavior is not welcome in a peaceful workplace.
21. The coach had to address the player's combative outbursts.
22. Combative comments on social media can quickly escalate conflicts.
23. Dealing with a combative customer can be challenging in retail.
24. In a diplomatic setting, a combative stance is counterproductive.


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