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Dictionary definition of quasi

Bearing a resemblance or similarity to a particular quality or characteristic but is not entirely or genuinely that thing.
"He ran his illicit dealings like a quasi corporation to appear legitimate."


Detailed meaning of quasi

It often indicates a partial or imperfect resemblance, a similarity in some aspects but not all. The term 'quasi' is commonly employed in various fields, such as science, law, and linguistics, to convey that something has characteristics or features that make it somewhat like the referenced concept but not entirely identical. In essence, 'quasi' suggests a resemblance or connection while acknowledging notable differences or limitations, serving as a qualifier to temper expectations of full equivalence.

Example sentences containing quasi

1. The device is a quasi-smartphone, lacking advanced features.
2. She adopted a quasi-professional attitude at work.
3. Their bond is quasi-familial, like a close-knit family.
4. The restaurant serves quasi-authentic Italian dishes.
5. His explanation was quasi-understandable, but not entirely clear.
6. The costume resembled a quasi-replica of a famous character.

History and etymology of quasi

The adjective 'quasi' has its roots in Latin, where it means 'almost' or 'as if.' Its etymology can be traced back to the Latin word 'quasi,' which serves as an adverb. This Latin term is believed to have evolved from the combination of 'quam' meaning 'as' and 'si' meaning 'if.' Therefore, when we examine the etymology of 'quasi,' we find that it carries the essence of something that appears to be or behaves as if it were a particular quality or characteristic but is not entirely or genuinely that thing. It conveys a sense of similarity or resemblance, often with a touch of approximation, making it a valuable term for expressing comparisons or likenesses that are not quite exact.

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Further usage examples of quasi

1. The organization relies on a quasi-volunteer workforce.
2. The experiment yielded quasi-scientific results, not conclusive.
3. The book offers a quasi-autobiographical account of the author's life.
4. The town's architecture gives it a quasi-historical ambiance.
5. The artist's work displayed a quasi-surrealistic style.
6. The movie adopted a quasi-documentary approach to storytelling.
7. His quasi-magical talents captivated the audience.
8. The product promised quasi-miraculous results, raising skepticism.
9. The song had a quasi-religious undertone, inspiring reflection.
10. Her speech delved into quasi-philosophical discussions about existence.
11. The garden resembled a quasi-botanical wonderland, full of unique plants.
12. The debate took on a quasi-legal character, focusing on regulations.
13. Their friendship had a quasi-sibling rivalry, with friendly competition.
14. The shop specializes in quasi-vintage clothing, offering modern styles with a vintage touch.
15. The movie was a quasi-documentary, combining elements of fiction and real-life events.
16. The company had a quasi-legal status, operating in a grey area between legality and illegality.
17. The town had a quasi-military government, with a strong emphasis on order and discipline.
18. The organization was a quasi-religious group, combining elements of spirituality and social activism.
19. The school had a quasi-academic curriculum, combining traditional subjects with practical skills training.
20. The event was a quasi-formal occasion, with a relaxed dress code and informal atmosphere.
21. The partnership was a quasi-marriage, with all the benefits of a legal marriage but without the legal commitment.
22. The government had a quasi-dictatorship, with limited political freedom and strict control over the media.
23. The relationship was a quasi-friendship, with occasional visits and casual conversation but no deep emotional connection.
24. The business was a quasi-monopoly, with limited competition and a dominant market share.
25. The club was a quasi-secret society, with exclusive membership and a strong sense of community.
26. The program was a quasi-experiment, with limited control over variables and no double-blind design.



resembling, entirely, wholly, exactly


Analysis and Reasoning, Comparison and Contrast, Similar and Relevant

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