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How to pronounce questionable (audio)


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Dictionary definition of questionable

Raising doubts, uncertainties, or suspicions about its reliability, truthfulness, or legitimacy.
"The witness provided a questionable alibi that raised doubts about his innocence."


Detailed meaning of questionable

When something is labeled as questionable, it implies that it lacks credibility or is open to doubt. It suggests that there are concerns or reservations regarding its trustworthiness or validity. Such questionable things may be regarded as dubious, unreliable, or not fully deserving of trust or confidence. This term often indicates the need for further investigation or scrutiny to ascertain the veracity or integrity of the subject in question.

Example sentences containing questionable

1. The politician's questionable ethics have tarnished his reputation.
2. The company's financial practices came under scrutiny due to questionable accounting methods.
3. The validity of the study's results was called into question due to its questionable research methodology.
4. His motives for making that decision seemed questionable at best.
5. The online article contained questionable information that was not backed by credible sources.
6. The project's timeline was deemed questionable given the limited resources available.

History and etymology of questionable

The adjective 'questionable' traces its origins to the Latin word 'quaestionabilis,' which is derived from 'quaestio,' meaning 'a question' or 'an inquiry.' The suffix '-able' in English is used to form adjectives indicating the capacity or ability for a particular action. Therefore, 'questionable' can be understood etymologically as something that is capable of being questioned or subjected to inquiry. It aptly describes things that give rise to doubts, uncertainties, or suspicions about their reliability, truthfulness, or legitimacy, reflecting its linguistic roots in the idea of posing questions or inquiries regarding their veracity or credibility.

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Further usage examples of questionable

1. The company's sudden change in pricing strategy raised eyebrows and sparked questionable speculation.
2. The journalist's reporting was criticized for its questionable sources and lack of fact-checking.
3. The purchase of that antique vase from an unknown seller seemed questionable, as its authenticity was uncertain.
4. The judge declared a mistrial due to the defense's use of questionable evidence.
5. The CEO's extravagant lifestyle and questionable business decisions led to a loss in investor confidence.
6. The scientific experiment faced criticism for its questionable methodology and potential bias.
7. The company's decision to cut corners and use questionable materials led to a product recall.
8. The politician's campaign promises seemed too good to be true and were met with skepticism and questionable trust.
9. His questionable behavior at the party left everyone talking.
10. The evidence presented in court was highly questionable.
11. The website's credibility was undermined by its questionable sources.
12. Her decision to invest in that company seemed quite questionable.
13. The politician's motives for the policy change were questionable.
14. The taste of the restaurant's food was rather questionable.
15. The movie's plot had a questionable twist that left viewers puzzled.
16. The witness's testimony was deemed questionable by the jury.
17. The product's effectiveness was questionable, according to reviews.
18. The decision to hire him for the job raised some questionable doubts.
19. The ethics of their business practices were highly questionable.
20. His connection to the criminal was seen as highly questionable.
21. The project's feasibility seemed questionable given the constraints.
22. The document's authenticity remained questionable despite analysis.
23. The teacher found the student's excuse for late homework questionable.



dubious, reliable, credible, trustworthy


ACT 11 (American College Testing), Curiosity and Inquiry, Doubt and Skepticism

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